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Review: imPRESS Press-on Manicure in “Holla!”


I gave you a review of the imPRESS Press-on Manicure by Broadway nails, and I wasn’t too impressed with them (no pun intended).  As I mentioned in that review, I really wanted to love them; therefore, I gave them another try.  This time, I tried “Holla”.  I chose to use them again because I had no time to get my nails done for my family holiday pictures, and this was a cute design.


I took off all nail polish then buffed my nails.



I layed out all of the nails I will need after sizing them up



 I applied the nails… Voila!




I must admit “Holla!” looks much better than the last pair I tried



These nails lasted 5 days.  Within those five days I experienced the following:

-Color fading at the tip of the nails.  I wash my hands constantly, wash dishes, bathe myself and my daughter

– Glue began to bulge out after a few days of use (I’d say on the 3rd day)

-Nails did not feel stable.  If I tried to grasp something with my finger tps you can feel the nail move.

-The nails will not work if you have curved or oddly shaped nails.

-Long nail lovers will not find this product helpful.

– Nails began to wear down/chip by day 3/4.  I’m assuming this happens from the constant hand washing, and use of lotions and oils.

– The glue did not damage my nails.

 Check my post for my pros and cons about this product here


Would I recommend?

Try them out for yourself.  They are pretty decent.  I’m glad I gave them a second chance. They really saved me for my holiday photos AND I received a sh!tload of compliments this time.  Plus, you can save $1 on the product if you visit and print the coupon.  FOr New Years Eve, since I am going out I will probably put on “Working Girl”.


EVOLUTIONMAN introduces a sophisticated product that will provide men with an essential step to grooming…the MAN-icure. Men can now reap the benefits of a more resilient natural looking nail with a product that promises to strengthen weak, bitten, or brittle nails.  Not only innovative in its palette, but also in formulation, these paints are toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate free.  Nail Varnishes are guaranteed to protect men’s nails from environmental damage, while providing a polished MAN-icure any guy is sure to love.


Pure Matte – From the nail chewer to the guy looking for a natural manicure, this nail varnish is formulated as a matte-finish nail protector for men. For the adventurous man, Pure Matte can be used to instantly transform your favorite nail paint from a glossy to matte finish when applied on top. It dries quickly, penetrating all layers of nail paint, retaining its matte finish.
Pure Bling- From the nail chewer to the guy looking for a buffed manicure, Pure Bling is a quick-drying satin-finish base or top coat that helps strengthen weak, bitten, or brittle nails. It promotes healthy nail development by building layers of protection.  This varnish is formulated to add longevity and satin shine to any nail paint when used as a top coat. Pure Bling is enriched with nail protein, contains calcium and vitamins C and E.
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EVOLUTIONMAN introduces Rebel Nail Paints for the no-nonsense rebel inside all of us. These nail paints are perfectlyformulated so men can now reap the benefits of a perfectly groomed MAN-icure. You don’t have to be in a band to rock these colors. This smart and obscure paint collection references colors already seen and introduces them in a new, revolutionary light. Not only innovative in its palette, but also in formulation, these paints are toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate free.  Rebel Nail Paints will protect your nails from environmental damage ensuring a stronger, more resilient nail.

Stand Out – The new way to look at black. Metallic charcoal paint with a crude matte finish.  Use with Pure Matte nail varnish to keep you standing out longer.


Hit the Pavement running with this polished, concrete-looking nail paint.  Use with Pure Bling for longer lasting color, or for a dulled finish, flatten out Pavement with Pure Matte nail varnish.
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Review: Jean Leon Salon Gel Manicure (NOTW)

A few months ago I purchased a Lifebooker Loot (see post)- $22 for a Gel Manicure at Jean Leon Salon.  I was excited since I have never tried Shellac or Axxium gel, but, I have had a calgel mani before, which I loved.  I thought, $22 to try a new spot is worth it.  Boy was I wrong!

Deals aren’t always deals.  Almost always, you end up losing somewhere –  whether it is in service, cleanliness, or outcome of the service or product you are getting.  In this case, I lost in service and I’d say the place didn’t seem too hygenic neither.

The basement where the nail salon is located is dimly lit, and looks very gloomy.  Maybe that is the reason why the manicurists attitudes sucked!   Also, there were no signs of an autoclave to sanitize the nail tools.  The manicurist had her tools in a case on her desk, which she placed back without cleaning once she used them.  She asked if I’d like my cuticles cut, I declined. You’re not using your nasty cuticle remover on me.  Also, I had my own nail file I let her use.



I could have sworn that the Lifebooker Loot I purchased for the gel mani stated we can either get an Axxium or CND Shellac mani.  Well, once my sister and I reached Jean Leon (nail salon is located in the basement of the salon), we were told to choose only from the CND Shellac products.  Bummer.  I did want to try axxium.  I quickly got over that, and chose CND Shellac’s Hot Pop Pink, and waited for my manicurist.  Nope, I don’t know her name because she didn’t even greet me! Very rude. 

She rushed to do my nails.  Wasn’t friendly.  No smile… nothing.  Not much of the staff were friendly, not only to me, but to other patrons in the establishment.  Seriously, we’re coming here to give YOU business, and you act like you’re doing us a favor? 

My nails did come out nicely, however, I will not go back.  I can’t stand bad customer service.  Also, we shall see if this mani lasts a full two weeks.



NOTW: Getting into the Spring of things

Corals, orange, bright pinks – are all ‘in’ for Spring. The 1st time after 7 weeks of not having polish on my fingers, I decided to adorn my nails with one of the shades HOT this Spring. The shade I chose is Zoya’s Elodie.


I went with two coats, but, I probably should have used three to achieve maximum opacity. The one thing I don’t like is that it comes out a tad bit darker than what it looks like in the bottle. Overall, I love the color.


What are some of your favorite shades from this season?