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Stop Biting Those Nails!

From age two to twenty-five I was a horrible nail biter. I’m a member of LHCF where there are a group of nail fanatics. These girls nails are fabulous. Finally at the age of twenty-five I decided enough is enough and on January 8, 2010 I stopped biting my nails.

Like any habit or addiction you have to be ready to stop biting your nails or it just won’t work. If you beilieve you are ready I have a few tips to help you with your goal.

Duri Rejuvacote – I can’t stress this product enough. It will really help get your nails back to a healthy state.

Manicures – Most nail biters don’t get manicures because we feel are hands are ugly so what’s the point. Water manicures help give our nails much needed moisture. Hot oil manicures are wonderful for your cuticles. Most nail biters cuticles try to grow over your nail. This is your bodies way of protecting your nails. Make sure to push that cuticle back so that your nails may grow. DON’T clip your cuticles off…you need your cuticles.

Vitamins – Taking Hair, Nails, and Skin vitamins can help promote growth as well as eating calcium and magnesium rich foods.

Wraps – Silk or fiberglass wraps help strengthen your nails and may help you remember to keep those nails out your mouth.

Record your progress. I take pictures all the time so I can see how far I have come.

Reward yourself! Give yourself some incentive to really work towards your goal.

I Need Your Help (RT & Share)

Hi All,

I moved from blogger (as some of you may know already).   In the move, I may have lost some of my blog followers.  I need any one who was originally following my blog via blogger on google friend connect to delete the old link & re-add  This way, if you were not already receiving my updates since the move, you will be able to now.

Please post on your blog and/or post on twitter.

Thank you so much in advance


Kim Porter


MAC & Disney Collaborates on Venomous Villains Collection

I normally do not do posts that advertise upcoming collections, but there is an overwhelming buzz about this one.

Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) has officially announced (so has MAC) that MAC Cosmetics, in collaboration with Disney, will release the Venomous Villains Collection in September.

From WWD:

MAC Cosmetics is teaming up with Disney to create a limited edition color collection, intended to launch globally in late September in all MAC locations. The products will feature four Disney characters, on which the brand is keeping mum at the moment — although with a collection name of Venomous Villains, it is assumed that we’re not talking Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse here. Lipstick, powder, lip gloss and blush shades will be sold, ranging in price from $12 to $29.50.


In the mean time, checkout my purchases from the To The Beach Collection.


I’m curious to know who will run out to pick this up?

Review: The Makeup Show New York – May 16th

I attended the first day of The Makeup Show on Sunday, May 16th.  I arrived at 10:30 am armed with $200 cash, and my cards (separate post for the haul).  I left around 4pm, and I did stay within my budget ( a little lol).

The very first booth I stopped by was Smashbox since it was right at the entrance. They had good pro kits (highlighter sets, lipgloss, bronzers, correctors etc) at discounted prices, and if you had a Smashbox pro card, you were able to get an additional 10% off. Not bad.  They, like some of the other companies allowed you to sign-up for their Pro Discount Program’s on the spot. I ran into my very first college roommate, Lisa Hayes at this booth as well.  That made my day because she was a sweet heart, and she was always great at doing makeup, and it’s always good seeing people doing what they love and are excellent at.   We also ended up at the same workshop.

I shopped from 10:30 – 2pm, which was when the workshop I signed up for began.  I will do a separate post/review on the workshop later this week.  I jsut want to say Jon Hennessy is so cute .:lol:. and is such a nice man.

All of the booths were busy, however, the following booths were CRAZY!

1. Inglot – They have highly pigmented eyeshadows at an affordable price.  Another plus about their products are that you have the ability to create your own palettes; you can create a 4, 5, or 10 palette with either round or square eyeshadows. The prices range from $20 -70. This booth was so crazy I had to go and come back (big mistake).  When I came back, it wasn’t any better. I ended up staying around to make my palettes & that ended up taking a full hour and some change (NO JOKE!).  they ran out of the “Freedom Palette” trays, so you had to wait around til someone was finished in order to start your own.  I only bought two, so imagine if I bought more, how long it would have taken for me to get it back.  The guy at the booth said 15 minutes & my palettes would be ready… it took more like 30. Next year they need  a better system.  the staff working this booth weren’t too nice either.  I guess they were stressed dealing with all of the people.

2. Crown Brush – This booth was crazy because they have extremely low -priced brushes!  They are a private label brush company but they also sell directly to the public. If these brushes look really familiar to you it’s probably because etailers you already know of sell their brushes! I know Coastal Scents does, and many others too.I bought a mascara fan brush for $2.  I finally ended up purchasing a new brush belt, which was $15.

3. Face Atelier – This booth was crowded not only because they have great products, but they also debuted their five new shades for women of color.  I was able to pick them all up for $90, which was a Makeup Show only deal. I’ll have to swatch & review in another post.  the staff working this booth were very nice & helpful.

4. L’Oreal – I didn’t get a chance to stop over there but, it was crowded.

5. Make Up For Ever – The line for Make Up For Ever was SUPER long.  I didn’t even try to go there.  Plus, the discount they were offering (40%) is the same I get now anyway.  I can always head to the city to their boutique if I needed anything.

6. Alcone Co – Make up artist supply haven based in New York City.  I bought a pack of their great wedges, which was $16.  I also picked up a bottle of spray brush cleaner by Beauty So Clean for $20.  There were other booths similar like Naimies, Frend’s Beauty Supply, Makeup Mania, and Nigel’s Beauty Emporium.

Overall, I had a great experience at The Makeup Show.  This was a great opportunity for networking, and learning.  I really wish I was able to attend today.  I ran into a lot of people (hey Tysh from Addicted2MU and AmeriTrini from youtube). There were still a lot of youtubers, MUA’s, bloggers, and twitter peeps I wasn’t able to meet yesterday.  Also, there are MAJOR sales going on today; Stila lowered their prices – everything is 50% off, and YB Cosmetics is having buy one get one deals.

Please stay tuned for my haul post, and my workshop review.


Durable Divas: Party Proof Makeup Kevin James Bennett for Make Up For Ever

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