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Kitty Bradshaw’s 2 Year Blog Anniversary [Networking] Event

Kitty Bradshaw, of celebrated her two year blog anniversary yesterday by hosting a networking event for other bloggers.  I would have to say that this selfless act makes me admire her even more.  I love her no-holds barred attitude, and no matter how she comes off via her tweets, she is actually a really nice person (from what I can tell).  Seriously, don’t judge the book by it’s cover.

Let me tell you, I’m from Brooklyn.  I’ve lived here all of my life and I got lost! I always get lost taking public transportation. It’s horrible I know.  Sometimes I laugh in disgust at myself.  I call myself a New Yorker.

I attended the event at the Apart boutique with my junior high school & high school friend Janique, who has a wonderful fashion blog, Her Goody Bag.  You can check her blog for more pics of the Apart line, and a review of the event. FYI: I was going to “steal” her pics (with her permission), but just go over there and look at them.

What I liked about this event was that it was a very diverse group of people. There was a good amount of male and female bloggers from different blogging genres.

This was definitely a great opportunity for networking.  I met so many different bloggers I haven’t met before (or heard of).  I also ran into The Fab Chic.  She and I always chat via twitter, but I’ve never met her in person.  I loved her outfit by the way.  Other familiar faces was My Pink Monkey! Check out her blog, and Chris “Classic” Davis; I haven’t seen him in a while though so it was nice running into him there.

Nikita Banks of The Single Girls Guide to Men came over to chat it up with Janique and I, and… try to hook Janique up with her “perfect guy.” (.:LOL:) She invited us to her cocktails & conversations event.  I’m not sure if I can go since I’m not single, but we shall see.

Nina Shoes was one of the many sponsors. If you know me, you’d know that next to makeup I love  bags and shoes.  They had a fly pair of pink high-heeled sandals I liked, and an interesting pair of light-up open-toe booties.

What was served?   There was an open bar with flavored vodka’s.  There was a crudites platter, Cabot Cheese was a sponsor, so of course there was cheese and crackers,  and then there were these delicious cupcakes from Tonnie’s Minnies. They were so good; very moist, not too sweet, and just good! I know a good cupcake because my sister makes them too!

Now for the bag…  They had a system, a fashion blogger got a bag with fashion related items, and a beauty blogger received a bag with beauty related items.  My bag included a scarf from Apart, which is purple (my favorite color), a large bottle of baby oil, an Apart notepad & pencil, and a Gap bracelet.   Now that I’m seeing pics of other people’s bags, maybe mine was skimped? It was nice to have received anything at all though.

That is all ’til next time!

Were you at this event?

If so, how’d you like it?

Good News!

On June 17th I posted about Yagolicious’ Beauty Affair being held at the Beauty Bar in NYC on September 16, 2010 from 6pm-10pm. CLICK HERE for more information. 

Yago Monique of Yagolicious Cosmetics contacted me to inform me that I will be one of the makeup artist on the “glam squad” for this event.  How exciting!

If you’re interested in attending, having your face done by me, and meeting me CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets. My readers will be able to get 10% off ticket prices by using the Discount Code: MakeUpByKim. 

Weekend Recap: My Date With Sam Fine & The Ring!

First, I just want to apologize for not posting over the last few days.  I’ve been so lazy because of the heat.  I went to a few events that ran late, and by the time I came home, I was dead tired!

If you follow me on twitter you’ll know that I constantly tweet back & forth with Celebrity Makeup Artist, Sam Fine.  If you don’t know who he is, google him!

I had the opportunity to sit and chat with him yesterday for about 30 minutes.  He lives in my neighborhood! How cool! So we met up at Tillies.  He gave me some good advice about getting started in the industry, products to use, creating your signature etc.  I will elaborate in a later post though because it was just so much said.  I really appreciate him taking the time to meet up with lil ole me.  It was really nice of him.  He’s a nice man; honest, truthful, and encouraging.  He signed my DVD, and told me that I can contact him any time.  That made my day.

I won this beautiful ring from Strawberry Stilletto’s Blog! I’m excited and can’t wait to get it.  Kimmy joked that we’re engaged now .:LOL:.

You can checkout more beautiful pieces at Jewelry Art Designs

I also picked up this beautiful neckpiece from Finishing Touches Accessories at the TRC Fashionable Night Out event on Friday, June 25th

It’s different from what I usually wear. I don’t normally wear such large pieces.  My friends convinced me to get this one though.

This is a pizza I love to get from this place near my house called Il Porto.  This particular one, the Il Porto ($16), has clams, mussels, shrimp, clams, calamari, octopus, and capers.  It’s sooo, sooo good! I had this yesterday.

Il Porto Brooklyn is located at

37 Washington Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11205

(718) 624.2965

My Progress…

I was debating doing a post about this, especially with pictures.  Anyway, so, you’re reading this now, which means I’ve decided to do it.  February of this year, I announced I joined a gym (CHECK THIS POST) since I was trying to lose some weight I’d put on.  Between then and now, I’ve lost 9lbs (maybe mor since I haven’t weighed myself in two weeks, which was my last doctor’s visit).  I’m down to 124 lbs .:yay:.

My goal was 123 lbs or 120 lbs. I’m almost there.  I need to be more conistent with going to the gym though.  I’ve been going in spurts.  My sister was supposed to be my partner, but she hasn’t been to reliable.

Here are the results (don’t mind the background). Oh, and the new bathing suit I got from VS.


I need a new navel ring! My stone fell out!!! Grrr