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December 2014 POPSUGAR Must Have Box #MustHaveBox

December 2014 POPSUGAR Must Have Box

You’ve seen subscription box services all around now. There’s box services that are strictly beauty, food, health, home/lifestyle, or even jewelry focused. And then there’s boxes like the POPSUGAR Must Have Box subscription that are well-rounded, and offer all of the above for only $39.99/month. Subscription box services are, in my opinion, the best way, to get introduced to new brands and products.

Let us get down to business, and talk about what comes in the December 2014 POPSUGAR Must Have Box.

Smashbox Bordeaux Lip Gloss
SMASHBOX Cosmetics Be Legendary Lip Lacquer ($24)

This lip lacquer arrived in a winter-ready shade, ‘Bordeau’.  If you’re into darker berry or wine tones for your lips, then this is for you. It’s dark, but not so dark that it is vampy.  Even though it applies like a gloss, at the end of the night, you’re left with a stain. If you’re not a fan of this shade, it’s also available in 19 other shades.

December 2014 POPSUGAR Must Have Box Wiilliams Sonoma Vanilla Bean Cupcake Mix
Williams-Sonoma Vanilla Bean Cupcake Mix ($14.95)

Who doesn’t love cupcakes?  My daughter was happy to see this in the box.  She can’t wait for us to make them. Scratch that, she wants to make them with my sister. Williams-Sonoma has amazing food items, so I’m sure once we do get around to baking these, they will be amazing.


Sparkle Pop Sydney Necklace ($42)

This is a beautiful necklace with a long gold chain with a diamond-like pendant.  As you can see from the photo, it has a lot of sparkle.  It can be worn different ways – both short and long – by doubling the chain to adjust the length. It’s also a favorite of my three year old.  She said, “Mommy, we can share this.”


Subtle Luxury Scarf ($62)

Love, love, love this scarf! It’s gold with gold flecks.  I can’t wait to wear it! It’s lightweight so I wouldn’t suggest wearing it as a winter scarf, but, it makes for a beautiful scarf to wear to accessorize an outfit. It’s neutral enough to be worn with just about any outfit.

Canvas Home Hand Painted Bowl
Canvas Home Hand Painted Bowl ($29)

This is a cute bowl to add to your decor. I can picture this on my vanity to house my little knickknacks.  I can even use it as a candy dish. You see where this is going, right? This cute bowl can be used for pretty much anything, even if it means you just want it sitting pretty on a shelf somewhere.


Knot & Bow Gift Tags ($4)

This is the season for gifting.  This year, we are doing DIY gifts, and these are perfect gift tags, to make our DIY gifts even more special.


The December 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have Box was a win for me.  .  It was a great mix of usable items for beauty lovers, those into fashion and luxury items, and home/lifestyle items. All of the items are things I will use, and can use with my family, especially the cupcake mix, which I will post about later on. The box contained $175.95 worth of items for just $39.99

If you like this POPSUGAR Must Have Box, from now until 1/2/2015 you can sign up  at and receive $10 off a 3 month subscription using the following code: DEC14SELECT


What are your thoughts on this month’s POPSUGAR Must Have Box?

Disclosure: POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty Edition

2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Two more weeks, just two more weeks! Are you ready?  I’ll admit, I haven’t even finished my Christmas shopping even though I told myself I’d start early this year.  Thankfully, most of the people I shop for have one thing in common – we all love beauty products.  You can’t ever have enough beauty items.  Plus, there’s always a new trend, new formula, or a new shade that every beauty enthusiast must have.  I’ve put together this 2014 Holiday Gift Guide featuring Beauty items that should make shopping for the beauty and makeup lover in your life a bit easier.  Plus, you may even find something for yourself that you like.

1. Box Subscription Services

Beauty Box Subscription services are a good way to go since they tend to cover a lot of ground area, and for a much lower price tag versus purchasing the items separately.  Beauty Box Subscription services allow both new and veteran beauty enthusiasts to discover different brands, and new products.  Do you remember my review of one of the June 2014 POPSUGAR Must Have Box over the summer?  They’re great boxes for anyone, especially since they feature an assortment of items from beauty, to lifestyle to…

POP SUGAR Must-have boxes are available for a $39.95 monthly subscription at  There are boxes for both men and women.  If you’re into luxury items, there’s even a Neiman Marcus Must-have box; however, that one is going fast so jump on it while you can.

2. New Fragrance

It’s the end of the year, and the start of a new season, which is a great time to incorporate new fragrances.   Whether the person is into sultry scents, or warm floral fragrance, I’m sure there’s something you can find for anyone on your list.

3.  Something for the lips

Pantone has just released their newest color of the year: Marsala.  Guess what? Your beauty lover is probably searching for a marsala shade lipstick or gloss right now!  Don’t worry, there are several brands, both affordable and high-end that carry this new shade.  Your beauty lover will be happy, and you’ll look cool because you’re up on the latest trend.  However, if they’re more into neutral tones, there’s something out there for them, too! Remember to get a good liner; we do not want their new lippies feathering.

4. Make sure they have awesome brows

A makeup look, in my opinion is not complete without awesome brows.  Brows do not have to be overly sculpted with concealer, however, they can be well tamed with a gel, or filled in where needed for a polished look. There are so many options out there to achieve perfect brows, from powders, to pencils, to gels, and sets with stencils.  There’s literally something for everyone, even for those who are just beginning.

5.  Palettes! One can’t ever have enough makeup palettes

One thing about beauty fanatics is that we accumulate a lot of items, especially [eyeshadow] palettes.  The thing is, we can’t ever seem to get enough, even though it may seem like the colors are of similar shades.  You’re wrong because one shade may be slightly warmer or deeper, or even more pigmented.  It doesn’t matter. We just need it!  There are a couple of new palettes out that feature neutral shades, fun and colorful shades, and some with a mixture of both.  Either way, whichever one you choose as a gift, I’m sure your beauty lover will thank you for it.

6.  Beauty tools

As a makeup artist and beauty fanatic. I’m a firm believer that one can’t ever have enough makeup brushes or application tools.  I like having options.  Plus, with all of the craze with highlighting and contouring, we need good blending tools and brushes for a flawless makeup application.

If you enjoyed reading this 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty Edition, please head over to Beauty and the Bump to check out my other gift guides.







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Beauty Blogger The Walking Dead Fans: Beauty Items Needed Zombie Apocalypse Survival

Beauty Items zombie apocalypse


I am a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead on AMC. Have you been keeping up with this season? This has been the best season yet.  .:SPOILER ALERT:. At least Carol and Beth are together, but what will happen to them?  Hopefully, Daryl gets back to the group in-time so they can help get back both Beth and Carol.  Eugene, I just hope he is left to the walkers soon.

Anyway, for me, there’s an allure to the possibility of surviving a zombie apocalypse.  I watch the show to take in all I can so I’ll know what to do to survive once this thing goes down.  Plus, there’s Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Carol’s storylines I have to keep up with from week-to-week.  I’m so engrossed in The Walking Dead that I have had dreams about what I would do if it happened.  Would I survive it?  What will my strengths be? And since I’m into all things beauty, what beauty item will I take a long with me while my group is on the move to help me get through and survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Personally, clean, healthy skin is all I need to survive the zombie apocalypse. Since water will be scarce, bringing along any of my favorite facial cleansing wipes would be perfect to keep my skin clean while we’re on the run avoiding walkers.  Besides, I can always use berries as a lip stain or for a flush of color on the cheeks to prevent me from looking like a walker.

Right now, my “group” consists of 10 beauty bloggers, who are also just as obsessed with The Walking Dead as me.  Keep reading to the beauty products we must have with us in order to survive the zombie apocalypse, and not look like zombies.

“I’d need Bobbi Brown Corrector to give me that extra little boost during a Zombie Apocalypse.  Firstly, it’s small and portable.  Secondly, a little goes a long way!  I’d only need to scavenge at a department store a few times a year!  Third, it conceals signs of fatigue and bruising.  It’s the perfect little beauty item for any “end of the world” scenario!”

– Jennifer from Raging Rouge 

“Concealer! Specifically, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Waterproof Full Coverage Anti-Aging Concealer.  A zombie apocalypse might be raging outside my door, but my dark undereye circles definitely won’t be with this concealer in my beauty arsenal. In a pinch (I anticipate quite a few of them throughout the undead devastation), it also works great used all-over as a foundation!”

– Bailey from Making up the Midwest

“Origins GinZing Moisturizer. There’s no possible way I could survive a zombie apocalypse with my extremely dry skin, so I need this to make it through!”

– Nikki Confessions from a Makeup Junkie

“If I could only have one product, it would be Hydroxatone AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex SPF 15. I’d want to keep my skin in check, and this moisturizer works for both day and night. Sure, I’d miss my foundations and eyeliners, but I NEED SPF and anti-aging ingredients in my life.”

– Linda from Beautzy Blog

“If I had to pick just one beauty item… it would have to be Lime Crime Velvetines! Those suckers are tough and stay on forever. We can’t be thinking about reapplying lipstick if we have to run from zombies!”

– Nicci from Very Nicci

“Absolutely my Maybelline Volumn’ Express The Mega Plush Mascara. This mascara will help enhance my eyes, and if I shed a tear from all that fear, no worries because this mascara is waterproof. If by some unfortunate chance I fall victim to a flesh eating zombie and turn, hopefully with a bit of mascara on my eyes I’ll manage to look a little more alive than my new zombie friends.”

– Jonesy from The Bliss List

“Lipstick! Because I’d feel washed out without it, and then someone would mistake me for a zombie and spike me through the head.  My absolute favorite is my Ellis Faas Ellis Red.  Plus, the bullet-shaped case could prove a useful weapon in a pinch!”

– Nidia from Lit From Within

“I would risk my life to save the Stila Stay All Day liquid liners (easy application and no smudging), Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo (cheap and works like a charm) and Clinique Liquid Face Soap (relatively inexpensive and never breaks me out). I could keep listing “must-haves” for days, but these are my top three – I’m always stalked up on them.”

– Kristin from Beauty Xpose

“From a practical point of view, I will hoard facial wipes or wet ones since water maybe a problem. Plus it comes in handy when wiping off blood smears or stains from killing zombies; I will also stash sunscreens because being outside most of the time (looking for place to stay or hide) increase the risk for skin cancer and pre-mature aging.”

Kathryne from TheFabZilla

Concealer!!!  I look like a zombie without it.  Hmm…  maybe I need to look like the dead so I can walk among them…”

– Laura from My Newest Addiction





 Are any of our readers fans of The Walking Dead? If so, we’d love to know what beauty item you must have with you to get through the Zombie Apocalypse.


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Get Ready for Vacation with these Beauty Treatments

Get Ready for Vacation

Vacation for most people is the time to regroup, de-stress, have fun, and relax.  Most of the time, post vacation is when you come back looking and feeling fresh and refreshed.  It’s also important, at least for me, to make sure to look good and feel my best right before vacation.  How do I do that?  I get ready for vacation by indulging in certain beauty treatments just a few days before I am ready to take off.

Below is a list of beauty treatments I think are important to do to get ready for vacation.

1. Bikini or Brazilian Wax

Waxing has been somewhat of a ritual for me, especially prior to leaving for a beach vacation.  Having a clean bikini area is essential when lounging by the pool or on the beach. To avoid redness while on vacation, and puffiness caused by waxing, it’s best to have this service completed a few days ahead of your travel date.  My favorite place for a Brazilian wax is Shobha. If you’re the DIY type, my favorite at-home wax is Bliss Poetic Wax (review).  You can purchase the kit from for $48.

2. Manicure 

Gel manicures are my go-to manicures for vacations. Why? Because they last. I don’t have to worry about chipping polish while on vacation, and my nails looking raggedy.  Who looks cute with not so cute nails?  My favorite place for affordable gel manicures is Pure Nail Salon in Brooklyn (Instagram). Ask for Jessie.

Calgel Nails Pure Nail Salon Brooklyn

3.  Pedicure

Manicures are important, and so are pedicures, especially if you’re going to wear open toe shoes/sandals during your vacation.  This upcoming vacation, my toes will be painted with Zoya’s ‘Thandie’.  For my pedicures, depending on how much time I have and my budget, I go to Polish Bar Brooklyn or Dashing Diva.

4. Eyebrows

Whether you wax, thread, or pluck,  having your eyebrows groomed a few days prior to vacation is important. Trust me, okay, it is! Get those bad boys done, and you’ll thank me later.

5.  Hair

I like to have my hair done one or two days before I leave for vacation. Hair completes the look.  I always go for a worry-free style like a curly or wavy install as seen below.

Beach Vacation Curly Hair

Check out the beauty items I travel with on vacation here.


Are there any beauty treatments you have to do in order to get ready for vacation?


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