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Get the look you want for the holidays: Hire a makeup artist

Thanksgiving is exactly ONE week away! .:YIKES:. You know what that means? Christmas and New Years parties are fast approaching.  I’m sure some of you already have your outfits and freakum dresses picked out.  If not, and you live in New York City, check my homie for her styling and personal shopping services.


You have the outfit, now, what about the makeup?  Makeup completes your look and reflects your style.



I’m sure you’ve seen the latest trends of the season from NARS, Chanel and other influential cosmetics brands, which include bold lips, smoky and dramatic eyes, nudes, metallics etc.   All of these you may like and want, but, just are afraid to try on your own.



Hire me!

I can help you to…

*Add a little drama to capture that sultry, mysterious look this holiday season with dark hues and smoky eyes.

*Enhance your natural features with shimmering and glossy products; great for that New Year’s Eve party!

*Make a statement this party season, by going glamorous with shimmer or glitter done elegantly, with intense eye shadows, and/or shimmering eyeliner.


If you’re interested in having me do your makeup for an event, or would like a one-on-one makeup consultation please contact me for special rates and/or to schedule an appointment.


This offer is for NYC residents only.

Guest Post: Tips On Healing Dry Skin


Tips On Healing Dry Skin
Dry skin can make you appear to be older than you really are and cause you to be self-conscious about showing your skin or wearing some of the latest fashion trends. It can make your skin look red, white, flakey and unhealthy. On top of all of this it can feel itchy and case a never ending burning sensation. Before we can get into how you can get your dry skin healthy again we have to start at the beginning: the causes. Dry skin can be caused by a series of things including:
·         Dehydration
·         Hypothyroid
·         Dry Air
·         Detergents and Soaps
·         Heat
·         Medical Conditions such as psoriasis

Now let’s discuss how you can turn your skin around and make it go from dry and uncomfortable to nourished and healthy.

Skip The Hot Shower– Lots of people like the feel of a hot shower because it’s soothing- especially after a long day. However hot showers strip your skin of its natural oils and makes your skin dry. Instead of hot showers take lukewarm showers so you’ll still feel the warmth of the water without feeling the damage.
No Perfume– When shopping for soaps and detergents, look for products that are unscented. The perfumes in some of the leading brands can strip your skin of moisture and cause it to dry out.
Moisturize Properly- For best results, apply moisturizer to your skin when it’s damp, right after the shower because your pores are open and will soak up the nourishment. Applying moisturizer on dry skin doesn’t work nearly as well in the long run.
Bundle Up- During the winter months you may be tempted to turn up the heat, but this is actually one of the most damaging things that you can do to your skin. Instead of turning up the heat, put your heat on 69 and put on some extra layers including knee length socks.
Go Sunless- Well not completely, but you shouldn’t be turning yourself into a walking patch of leather either. It’s important to get your Vitamin D but getting too much sun can eventually break down your skin can cause wrinkles and sagging earlier on in your life.

Hydrate- It’s imperative that you drink at least eight 8oz glasses of water and even more after a workout or on hot days. You need water to hydrate your skin and to move nutrients around your body.
Go Healthy- Besides green leafy veggies, you should load up on lots of fruits, veggies fish high in Omega 3 and dairy products. Your diet has a lot to do with how good your skin looks so eat right and skip the oily or needlessly fatty foods.
Exfoliate- Once a week (or twice if your body is super dry) use a gentle exfoliator in the shower. The exfoliating process removes dead skin cells and leaves glowing skin behind. Do Not do this if you have a medical condition unless you speak to your doctor first.
If your skin is dry and the cause is wither from a medical condition or the use of certain medications, you should talk to your doctor about options and treatments.
*This post was written by Aleya who writes the blog for a beauty school in New York  that also has locations in Florida.  You can follow her on twitter @AleyaBamdad

I’m A Woman of Color & I Can’t Find My Right Shade of Makeup

If you’re a woman of color (black, hispanic, indian – anyone with tan to dark skin) you have a yellow base tone to their skin. So always choose makeup that has a yellow hue. But, some women do have reddish hues to their skin. The best way to figure out which tone, red or yellow, your skin is, try this:

After washing your face wait 10-15 minutes before applying any toners or moisturizers. Then look in the mirror and you should see either red or yellow tones to your complexion. Which ever color stands out more is the foundation hue you should choose.
Stay Away From products (powders, foundations, concealers) that contain titanium dioxide. Products containing titanium dioxide will make darker skin tones look ashy and dry. Also make sure that before applying your makeup that you are not using moisturizers that contain Titanium dioxide because this too can make your skin appear ashy.
Many African Americans naturally have more oil in their skin. Which is why the age slower than lighter skin. Most often the darker your skin the more oil is being produced. This just means you’ll receive wrinkles much later than most women. To achieve a matte, shine free complexion choose powders that are one shade than you would normally choose. Oil has a tendency to make your complexion look darker than it actually is. So if your oil production is high choose a color one shade lighter than your complexion.
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