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Holiday Lips featuring MUA Makeup Academy Lip Products

Holiday Lips MUA Makeup Academy

Holiday season means tons of holiday parties, photo ops, and more.  This means, your look must be on point (or “on fleek”).  It’s one thing to have your outfit, and hair looking nice, but your makeup should also compliment your ensemble for the occasion.  One way to easily spruce up your look is by adding a nice lip color.  Thankfully, MUA Makeup Academy has some beautiful lip colors to help you achieve the perfect holiday lips.

A popular, yet timeless holiday lip most seen during the holidays that take place during the month of December, is a classic red lip.  MUA Makeup Academy’s High Shine lipstick in ‘Poppy’ is a gorgeous red with a hint of shine.  ‘Poppy’  can be turned up by pairing it with winged liner and falsies, or toned down by wearing it with a neutral face.  Either way, you can’t ever go wrong with a red lip.

MUA Makeup Academy Frosted Nude
For those women who just can’t get into brighter lipsticks, and just want to add just a hint of glam to their look, using MUA Makeup Academy’s ‘Frosted Nude’, which, by the way, is the perfect nude for my skin tone, is the way to go. It pairs well with a neutral makeup look with a golden glow, or turn it up with a smoky eye.  For added glam, you can take your holiday lips to the  next step by adding ‘Frosted Nude’ to the center of your lip, and poppy on the perimeter.  Thank me later for your gorgeous pout.

Holiday Lips MUA Makeup Academy Frosted Poppy
Lip stains are perfect for creating holiday lips. Why?  Because the color doesn’t budge.  If you’re attending a lot of holiday parties, gatherings, etc. you need something that doesn’t move throughout the night, especially if you’re planning on taking pics.  Nice face, but nothing on the lips? No bueno! Your look will just look unfinished.  This is why I like MUA Makeup Academy’s lip stain in ‘Wine’.  It’s such a beautiful purple-toned lip color, and it’s brown girl-friendly.

Holiday Lips MUA Makeup Academy Wine Lipstain

Before creating your holiday lip, be sure to follow these tips:

1.  Exfoliate with a combination of sugar, olive oil, and a hint of honey.

2.  Moisturize

3.  Line your lips to prevent the lip product from bleeding

4.  Apply the lip color, blot, and then apply another coat.

Now you have kissable, smooth, holiday lips!


What’s your favorite lip color to use when you’re creating a holiday lip?

Disclosure: Product provided for review consideration.

L.A. Girl Cosmetics Glazed Lip Paints: Hot Mess, Babydoll, Bombshell, Coy, & Blushing {Swatches & Review}

LA Girl Cosmetics Glazed Lip Paint
I’m a fan of L.A. Girl Cosmetics not only because they’re affordable, but also because they carry quality products.  I mean, I own every shade of their Pro Concealers, which I use daily so that should tell you something other than I hoard makeup.  Recently, I purchased five of the L.A. Girl Cosmetics Glazed Lip Paints because of a great deal I caught on Groupon;  they were 5/$12.99.

As a lipstick-only girl who mostly indulges in matte finish lipsticks, I was still intrigued by the L.A. Girl Cosmetics Glazed Lipsticks for several reasons besides the price.  The L.A. Girl Cosmetics Glazed Lip Paints had colors that I liked, and seemed similar to the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks I’ve been dying to try, too.

After wearing and playing around with the L.A. Girl Cosmetics Glazed Lip Paints, I realized how similar they are to Lip Tars from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in formula, wear, and usage.  The L.A. Girl Cosmetics Glazed Lip Paints highly pigmented, which for some shades can lead to staining of the lips, similar to my experience when wearing certain Lip Tar shades.  Similar to Lip Tars, the L.A. Girl Cosmetics Glazed Lip Paints can be mixed with each other to create different shades.  Both products contain peppermint oil, so if you have an aversion to peppermint oil, you may want to stay away.

I do find the consistency of the the L.A. Girl Cosmetics Glazed Lip Paints to be runny, similar to Lip Tars; however, the consistency is a lot more goopy, in a sense when compared to Lip Tars (not the stained gloss).  Plus, in my opinion, Glazed Lip Paints are a lot more hydrating than Lip Tars.  I do like the L.A. Girl Cosmetics Glazed Lip Paints aren’t sticky like other glosses I own and have used, but still maintain the gloss with a higher color payoff.

I find that when applying the L.A. Girl Cosmetics Glazed Lip Paints, using the applicator tip is impractical since it makes for messy, streaky application of the product.  These lip paints apply better with a lip brush, especially for more precise application.  I noticed if you use too much of the Glazed Lip Paints, you run into the product running off of your lip. Also,I find that if you are not a fan of the glossy lip look, using less of the product creates a less glossy finish.

LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint Swatches
I was excited to get my hands on ‘Coy’ (purple shade) since it reminds me of one of my favorite Lip Tar shades, ‘Katricia’ (view post), that I lost.  ‘Blushing’ is also a favorite, especially for day wear and for work.  ‘Bombshell’ and ‘Hot Mess’  are beautiful fuchsia and orange shades for my complexion, and are definitely brown girl friendly.  My least favorite of them all is ‘Babydoll’, especially since it was the only one that leaked out of the packaging all over the place, and the color was not flattering against my complexion.

Overall, I’m happy with this purchase.  It was honestly a steal since the L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints retail for $3.99 at your local drugstore or beauty supply, and I picked them up for about $2.60 each.  As I mentioned previously, if you have a sensitivity to peppermint oil these are not for you.  But, if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to lip tars, that come in amazing shades, I’d suggest checking these out.


Have you tried the L.A. Girl Cosmetics Glazed Lip Paints? Do you like them?

The IT Girl Set Limited Edition CC+ Lip Serum Holiday Collection Review + Swatches

The IT Girl Set

IT Cosmetics has brought us one of the perfect gifting options for the “IT” girl in your life with The IT Girl Set.  This is a limited edition CC+ Lip Serum Holiday Collection featuring three holiday-themed, exclusive shades:  Under The Mistletoe, Snow Bunny, and Joy to the World.

What is a CC+ Lip Serum?

The IT Cosmetics CC+ Lip  Serum features ingredients like collagen and peptides for anti-aging purposes like reducing the appearance of lines, and hyaluronic acid, plus 9 essential butters and oils so that your lips can stay hydrated and supple.

The IT Girl Set Limited Edition CC Serum 

My Thoughts

What I like about The IT Girl Set Limited Edition CC+ Lip Serum Holiday Collection provides both color and hydration, and isn’t sticky.   The lip colors included in the set, in my opinion are perfect for a “no makeup” look.

I would say that the shades are universal; however, for my skintone, Snow Bunny was just too light.  I know some people like the milky lip look, but, it’s just not for me.  It would look best mixed with a lip pencil or over your favorite lip color.  But, for fairer skinned ladies, it would work best.

My favorite shades from the set are ‘Under the Mistletoe’ and ‘Joy to the World’.  Both are brown girl friendly, especially the berry tones of ‘Under the Mistletoe’.  Ahh I so love this shade! ‘Joy to the World’ is the perfect neutral shade for my complexion.  A bonus is how soft and hydrated the CC+ Lip Serums make my lips feel, which is something everyone needs in a lippie during the cold fall and winter days.

Get it!

I definitely recommend picking up The IT Girl Set for the “IT” girl in your life, or maybe you should just treat your lips right this winter by getting this set for yourself.  The IT Girl Set Limited Edition CC+ Lip Serum holiday Collection makes the perfect gift or stocking stuffer retailing for just $39.00 ($72 value).  The set can be purchased at it, QVC and, and Ulta stores and


What do you think of The IT Girl Set?



Disclosure:  The IT Girl Set was provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own and are honest.

Smooth Operator: Milani Cosmetics Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow

Disclosure: Milani Cosmetics Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow provided for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and are honest.

Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow
Before I get into why I think the [somewhat] new Milani Cosmetics Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow, I just wanted to give you a little background history on my makeup journey. Milani eyeshadows were one of the first eyeshadows I began using. Why? they were all that I could afford on my teenager/college student budget. Plus, they were quality eyeshadows without the price tag. Now, Milani has upped their game even more with their Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadows. I was able to test out the Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadows in shades ‘Bella Bronze’, ‘Bella Charcoal’, and ‘Bella White’.

A gel powder eyeshadow? What the heck is that?

The Bella Gel Powder Eyeshadows began as a gel, and were transformed into an amazingly smooth, color packed eyeshadow, hence me deeming it the “smooth operator.”

I love the Milani Bella Gel Powder Eyeshadows because unlike other drugstore brand or non-high end brands of eyeshadows I’ve tried, it packs on the color without too much effort. Don’t you hate when you have to constantly pack on eyeshadow, even with a base underneath, in order for it’s true color to show? With these eyeshadows, there’s no need for that. I even tried it without an eyeshadow primer, and the results were just as good as if I used it with one. Also, there’s no fallout. As I applied ‘Bella Charcoal’ to my lids, there was no tell-tale signs of shadow lingering near my under eye area, which means shorter makeup application time because I didn’t have to go back to cleanup and reapply my makeup afterward. I’m an ‘eyeshadow first’ girl anyway, but it’s good to know I will be able to apply my makeup without worrying about cleaning up afterwards.

Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow Swatches
Of the three shades I tried, ‘Bella Bronze’ and ‘Bella Charcoal’ were my favorites. For one look, I added ‘Bella Bronze’ to my crease, and then added ‘Bella Charcoal’ to my lid, and blended it up. This look made for the perfect, day-time smoky eye. You can also make it more intense by adding black eyeliner, and falsies. For a more natural look, ‘Bella Bronze can be applied all over the lid, and blended through the crease. Add some mascara, and you’re set to go!

Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow Bella Bronze
‘Bella White’ did not fair well with my skin tone, at least alone or paired with the other two shades. I’d recommend it for those with lighter skin tones.

I would definitely recommend the Milani Bella Gel Powder Eyeshadows. They’re affordable, well-pigmented, and easy to work with.

Buy it!

Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow can be found at your local Walgreens, or on for as low as $4.49 a pop! The Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadows are available in 30 beautifully pigmented shades, so you’re sure to find colors that best match your style and taste. There’s bright fun shades like ‘Bella Teal’ and more neutral tones for those days you’d prefer a more natural look.

Now, I need to get my hands on the Milani Bella Eyes Eyeshadow in ‘Bella Rouge’! I’ve wanted this red metallic shade ever since I’ve seen my fellow beauty bloggers use and swatch it.


Have you tried the Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadows? Which are your favorite shades?


Disclosure: Milani Cosmetics Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow provided for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and are honest.