Milani, the affordable cosmetics line has launched its first brush collection – the Milani Essential Brush Set. This synthetic (nylon) brush set features six (6) brushes for the face and eyes to help create a beautiful makeup look using professional quality tools.

Milani Essential Brush Set in Brushfolio

I was able to test out each brush featured in the Milani Essential Brush Set, and I’m happy with how the brushes in the set performed. As a fan of synthetic brushes since they offer greater versatility and superior durability over time, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck since the brushes are affordably priced. The nylon bristles of the brush are soft, and allow you to create a flawless, streak-free makeup look.

Foundation Brush – $16

This flat top brush blends powder, cream and liquid foundation. I used it to apply my HG liquid foundation, and the brush applied my makeup effortlessly. My makeup wasn’t streaky, and uneven.

Milani Essential Brush Set Foundation Brush

Powder/ Bronzer Brush – $16

This dome –shaped brush is a 2-in-1 powder and bronzer brush that’s great for blending and buffing bronzer or powder into the skin. I used this brush to apply press (not buff) my loose powder onto my skin in the areas where I wanted to reduce shine like my t-zone. I also used it to apply my bronzer, but I found I liked it best for pressing in my powder.

Milani Essential Brush Set Powder Brush

Blush Brush – $16

The tapered bristles of this brush are perfect for precise application of blush. I applied one of my brightest blushes with this brush to test out how well it performed. The Essential Blush Brush worked well. My blush was placed exactly where I wanted it, and the brush blended the blush to perfection. No clown makeup here! I also liked to use it to apply my highlighter.

Milani Essential Brush Set Blush

All Over Shadow Brush – $8

This soft, flat brush is the perfect size for applying eyeshadow or base to the eyelids. It’s a good brush for packing on eyeshadow onto the lid. You can also flip it over to get into the crease.

Milani All Over Eyeshadow Brush

Blending Brush – $8

The rounded, tapered Blending Brush is great for blending eyeshadow to soften lines, contouring, or even blending concealer. I used this brush for several things like blending shadow into the crease, blending my under eye concealer, and applying contour to my nose.

Milani Essential Brush Set Blending Brush

Crease Brush – $8

The small rounded bristles of the Crease Brush make it perfect for applying shadow to the outer v, sculpting out the eye with precision, for added depth and dimension. Think smoky eye.

Milani Essential Brush Set Crease Brush

The Milani Essential Brush Set can be purchased for $60 or each brush individually, but purchasing the set you saves you $9. The brushes can be purchased on

Milani Essential Brush Kit Results

Have you tried the Milani Essential Brush Set?

Which of these brushes would you pick up?

15 Comments on The New Milani Essential Brush Set

  1. You look absolutely gorgeous! Your makeup application is perfection. I love that shade of lipstick on you too. The brushes look so soft and full. Can't believe I haven't seen them at CVS yet. Why do you press powder on rather than buff it? Is it to reduce shine…since my face is so dry hopefully I can continue buffing mine on??
    My recent post Lightening Up My Too Dark Foundation Makeup

    • Thank you! The brushes are very soft. That's one of my favorite things about them.

      I press in my setting powder instead of buffing because buffing moves around whatever product you already have on your face, and it also brings up dead skin, especially if your skin is on the dryer side.

  2. I haven't tried any of these new brushes, but i considered buying one or two just to try them and see what the quality is like. I've turned into a brush snob so right now 80% of my stash consists of Japanese hand-crafted brushes.

    • The quality is pretty good for the price. I wouldn't necessarily place them in my professional kit because those get more wear and tear than my regular ones. Like you, my kit brushes have to be a specific type and quality.

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