Natural Hair Girls are all around these days. In fact, I’m one of them, and I know how much we love our natural hair products, tools and accessories.

Detangling Brush

Many natural hair ladies swear by Denman brushes; however, my coils, when dry are a fan of the Tangle Teezer, and when wet, the Wet Brush.


Hair Steamer

Steam is one of the best-kept secrets for a healthy head of natural hair, and a good steam treatment is often the highlight of a naturalistas trip to the salon. What does it do? It helps infuse conditioners into the hair, increasing strength, moisture retention, and curl pattern definition. Hair steamers can be a bit pricey, like the coveted Huetiful Steamer ($150), but there are more affordable options available on Amazon. Either way, the money spent is well worth it since it will save money on the number of salon visits.


Hair Dryer

Hooded hair dryers and blow dryers are natural hair girls’ best friends. Hooded hair dryers can be used for deep treatments or roller sets, while blow dryers can be used to stretch out the hair or prep it for straightening. I love the affordable Modern Elements Hooded Dryer or the Gold N’ Hot Elite 1875-Watt Professional Stand Bonnet Dryer. It’s on wheels, which makes it easier to move. You’re also able to adjust the height. As far as blow dryers go, my hair stylist swears by the Conair Pro Bird line.

Modern Elements Hooded Hair Dryer

Flat Iron

For those days when you want to switch it up, and wear your hair a little straighter, that’s when us natural hair girls flatiron our hair. The BaBylissPro™ Nano Titanium™ Hair Straightener is recommended by hair stylists to get natural hair sleek and straight without a relaxer or other harsh chemicals. Of course, use a heat protectant when using any heated styling tool to prevent damage.


Shea Butter

My favorite, as you know comes from Belle Butters. I love, love, love the products from this indie brand. You may remember me raving about the Pumpkin Pie butter, but they offer other pretty awesome products great for both your hair and skin.

Belle Butters 16oz unyevu

Cute Satin Bonnet

There are so many indie satin hair bonnet brands around with beautiful satin bonnets to wear at night to protect your hair and keep it shiny, and moisturized.

Cute Hair Accessories

There’s one thing natural hair girls aren’t seen without, and that’s a good hair accessory. Whether it’s a fancy hair clip, bow, headband or head wrap, they’re for sure wearing at least one.


16 Comments on Holiday Gift Guide for Natural Hair Girls

  1. I use a satin bonnet at night, and I love it. I can get so many more days without washing my hair because it doesn't get all tangled up at night. I have never thought about steaming my hair – I wonder if it would be good for my curly, but not kinky hair, too? I already use a bonnet dryer, but a soft one I just attach to my hair dryer. Love. Lots of good ideas for all kinds of curly girls in here!
    My recent post Negative Space Glitter Chevron Tips

    • The steam works well for mostly any hair type. I've seen girls with very tight kinky curls to curls like yours using a steamer. If your hair needs extra moisture, then it can definitely benefit from a steamer.

  2. Awesome post! I need a satin bonnet or else my hair is a ball of frizz and looks like a mop in the morning 😀

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