This Fragrance Friday, we’re going to talk about CARVEN Le Parfum that my husband gifted me over the summer. CARVEN was released in 2013 – the first fragrance launched under the guidance of creative director Guillaume Henry, and created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian who designed the perfume with the following notes:

Top Notes: Mandarin blossom, apricot and delicate white hyacinth
Middle Notes: Authentic bouquet of flowers that includes sweet pea, jasmine and ylang-ylang
Base Notes: Sandalwood, osmanthus and Indonesian patchouli.

CARVEN Le Parfum pairings

Fresh, juicy apricot and orange with hints of floral are the characteristics that make CARVEN Le Parfum the perfect scent for the spring and summer. In fact, I used nearly one quarter of the bottle this past season pairing it with two of my favorite body mists: Essence of Beauty Luscious Peony and Kiss of Honey. I am also bringing it along with me on our next trip to Mexico, which is a warmer climate for which this scent would be perfect.

CARVEN Le Parfum isn’t one of the longest lasting fragrances I’ve worn or own, which means I’d have to carry around the bottle (or rollerball) to refresh the scent throughout the day. It’s one of those fragrances that exude a quiet femininity, perhaps a perfect wear-to-office scent, but definitely not something that calls for attention.

CARVEN Le Parfum Bottle

A purposeful counterpoint between a very minimalist, almost utilitarian bottle, and a high-fashion stopper.


I’m all about simplicity and elegance when it comes to designs and packaging, which is why I love the CARVEN Le Parfum. The simple, frosted glass bottle with a clear, gold banded topper, adorned with a white ribbon that has on it the CARVEN brand in black letters was designed by Thierry de Baschmakoff.

Simple, fresh and delicate, if any of those characteristics are things you look for in your signature scent, CARVEN Le Parfum just may be something to sniff out during your next visit to your local MACY*S, Nordstrom or SAKS.

The 3.33 Fl oz bottle of CARVEN Le Parfum retails for $112.




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  1. Many years ago (probably before you were born), I think there used to be a Carven perfume or perfumes. I have to look it up! Even though I'm not usually a fan of florals, the base notes in this fragrance are my jam. It sounds so beautiful. I think it's great that you and your husband together are into scents!
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    • You're correct! There's an older version around. I haven't smelled it to compare. I'm usually not a floral girl either; I like deeper, more spicy notes. The dry down of Carven is my fave.

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