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Serums, once you’ve hit a certain age, they become an integral part of your skincare routine. Lately, I’ve been using a custom blended serum from SKIN INC Supplement Bar called My Daily Dose. This brand may sound familiar because I’ve reviewed some of their products previously. It’s making it back on this blog once again because honestly, they have some pretty good products.

The SKIN INC My Daily Dose custom blended serum is a combination of three serums suitable for your skincare concerns, type and needs, that are blended into a single bottle. The customization process is simple: answer a few questions about your skin, and then SKIN INC will use your answers to assess the needs of your skin, and finally the three serums that will make up you’re my Daily Dose serum is presented.

Skin Inc Skin Identity

In my case, I needed a serum that would address the following skincare concerns:

  • Even tone, and reduce dark circles
  • Calm my skin whenever I have breakouts
  • Anti-oxidant protection

Skin Inc My Daily Dose

After completing my skin assessment on Skin Inc’s website, SKIN INC concluded that my ‘My Daily Dose’ serum should include Vitamin A Serum, French Pine Bark Serum, and Licorice Serum. Since purple is my favorite color, I chose a deep purple bottle to house my custom blended serum. Into the purple vial, the three serums went. It was easy getting the bulk of the serums in, but, I found I had to leave the bottles upside down to successfully empty the bottle.

I’ve been using the SKIN INC ‘My Daily Dose’ serum for at least two months now, and my skin hasn’t been better. Post cleansing, and toning, the SKIN INC My Daily Dose serum is applied (two drops cover my face), and for nighttime applications, I apply the Skin Inc. Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask. Since incorporating these into my routine, my skin is much more clearer and smoother. I’ve also seen a reduction in brown spots as well as breakouts. After using the Skin Inc. ‘My Daily Dose’ custom blended serum, I realized that it was a much-needed addition to my skincare routine.

Skin Inc My Daily Dose

After having a good experience with the SKIN INC ‘My Daily Dose’ custom blended serum, I highly recommend trying it out, especially if you’re into personalized skincare items. Take the skincare assessment on the Skin Inc. website to figure out your Skin ID. With 9 serums to choose from, My Daily Dose consists of 84 possible combinations of three serums, so you’re sure to find a serum suitable for your skincare needs.

Have you tried the SKIN INC My Daily Dose Serums? What are your thoughts on it?

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