On the days I’m not wearing makeup, next to my skin, there’s always one part of me that’s always receiving compliments – my teeth. I maintain the health of my teeth and gums by brushing regularly, flossing, and rinsing with peroxide, which helps keep my teeth looking their whitest. Besides, in my book nothing beats a beautiful smile with nice white teeth, which is why I decided to test out the ISSA by FOREO in the Mint shade when offered through my iFabbo membership.

The ISSA by FOREO is described as

The world’s first electric toothbrush made completely from silicone, the ISSA™ is a groundbreaking at-home dental solution for cleaning and whitening. Just 2 minutes’ use every morning and night will leave your teeth looking whiter and brighter while a gentle gum-massage function will lead to healthier-looking gums – so you can show off your smile with confidence.

  • ISSA by FOREO Features
  • High-intensity pulsations
  • Silicone Bristles
  • 3D Flexible Brush head


My Thoughts on the ISSA by FOREO

I’m not new to the electric brush game; however, using an all silicone brush that not only prevents bacteria build up, is gentle on the gums, and easy to clean excited me.

The ISSA by FOREO has a beautiful sleek design that makes it easy to hold. The flexible brush head of the ISSA by FOREO made it easier to maneuver around my mouth. I liked the timer feature of the ISSA by FOREO that let me know it was time to move over to another area of my mouth or that the brushing session was now complete. I like that the bottom of the ISSA was flat, which allowed it to stand on it’s own, which looked nice sitting on my bathroom sink. Plus, the color options were pretty cool, too. However, the joy of having and using an ISSA by FOREO ended there.

ISSA by FOREO Brush Head

Compared to my drugstore brand electric brush, the high-end ISSA did not do a good job in cleaning my teeth. It didn’t matter how I used it, the length of time, or even the type of toothpaste – the brush just did not do a good job at removing plaque – the soft buildup. I did, however, like the gentle massage my gums received from using the ISSA.

My teeth are tightly placed together, and because of that the larger silicone bristles the ISSA by FOREO has, it made it impossible to get in between my teeth where other brushes have succeeded in cleaning.

ISSA by FOREO Buttons

Yes, it’s nice that the ISSA only needs to be charged every six months, and the brush head only needs to be replaced annually, but what’s the purpose of a toothbrush if it isn’t effectively cleaning?

Overall, after using the ISSA by FOREO toothbrush, I found that this brush was so gentle on my teeth and gums that it was ineffective at removing plaque from my teeth.   Unfortunately, the ISSA will remain sitting on my bathroom vanity making it look nice.

The ISSA by FOREO is available for $199 in three additional shades: Lavender, Cobalt Blue, and Black on the FOREO website.

Have you tried the ISSA by FOREO? If so, what do you think about it?

37 Comments on ISSA by FOREO in Mint Review

  1. That's such a bummer that it didn't work for you! I've read really mixed reviews about this toothbrush online. At least you have one already that works well!

    • I use an Oral B electric toothbrush. It didn't cost as much, and works 100 x's better. I like my teeth to feel squeaky clean post brush. This just doesn't do it for me.

  2. I broke out like crazy from the Foreo pink brush so I totally understand, none of the brushes work for me, my skin is too sensitive.

    • When I read some other reviews, I thought to myself that maybe I have a different or defective brush because I really can't quite understand the rave reviews.

  3. Great review! I was shocked how it looks because it doesn't look like the normal brushes. That's disappointing it doesn't clean as well. Instead of making it look different and trendy they should of focused on putting out a product that really gets down and dirty. With so many cheaper options that do the trick, you gotta step it up.

  4. I had the same experience with mine, unfortunately. It just didn't give me that really smooth clean feeling, my teeth still felt a little fuzzy after using it, especially after a few weeks of using only this brush. Too bad because it's very gentle on the gums!

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