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Who doesn’t love mascara? When I’m not wearing falsies, which is pretty often these days, my peepers are sporting mascara. Mascara, I believe really opens up your eyes even if you’re not wearing a lot of makeup, if any at all. Lately, the mascara I’ve been testing out to showcase to my beauty peeps is the Beauty Addicts Show Off Mascara.

Beauty Addicts Cosmetics describes their Show Off Mascara as follows:

Intense, dramatic lashes with one easy stroke! This unique formula offers volume, length and curl with Argan Oil to condition and protect. The curved brush hugs the natural eye shape to coat every lash while fanning and feathering. No clumps, no flakes, no smudges! Comes off effortlessly with a gentle cleanser.

What do I think of the Beauty Addicts Show Off Mascara?

The Beauty Addicts Show Off Mascara is a super black mascara (I love dark black mascara), that is a bit thicker and dryer in consistency than other mascaras I have used. I like that it has nourishing ingredients like Argan oil. The Beauty Addicts Show Off Mascara did a good job at adding volume to my lashes, and my lashes looked a bit longer; however, I can say that the length I achieved from using the Show Off Mascara wasn’t as good as my HG mascara(s).

BeautyADDICTS ShowOff Mascara_Package

The wand with the curved brush did make applying the Beauty Addicts Show Off Mascara easier, but I can see how someone with shorter lashes or a smaller eye can have issues with the size of the brush. However, I do think that can be fixed with just a little practice.

Removing mascara can sometimes be a pain in the arse for me. The Beauty Addicts Show Off Mascara did not give me problems in that area. It was easy to take off with one eye makeup remover pad, and I had no residue left over, which I sometimes experience with other mascaras.

BeautyAddicts ShowOFF Mascara Review_After

The Beauty Addicts Show Off Mascara lives up to all of its claims except that it does clump, and flake.  The clumping I experienced isn’t terrible, but it is still a pain tot have to deal with since I’m not a fan of tarantula lashes. The flaking, since I’m a contact lens wearer with sensitive eyes is an issue.

The Beauty Addicts Show Off Mascara is available on for $22 or click here to locate a retailer near you.

Have you tried Beauty Addicts Show Off Mascara? What did you think of it?

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  1. Thanks for putting this on my radar! I am always on the lookout for a great mascara. I love how long and voluminous your eyelashes look!

  2. Just say no to clumping and flaking…but your lashes look great in the photos!
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