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You know I’m a huge fan of It Cosmetics, right?  Well, they’re kicking off 2015 with a new QVC Today’s Special Value set that features five new product launches.  What better way to start off the New Year than with new makeup that helps you achieve beautiful skin?  Today, the IT Cosmetics New Year, Your Most Beautiful Skin 5-Piece Collection is available until11:59 p.m. EST.  Below I have swatches, and a brief of the shade for darker skin tones, ‘Rich’.

IT Cosmetics is known for creating innovative cosmetics that incorporate the benefits of skincare like anti-aging properties, UVA/UVB protection, color correction, pore minimization, and more.  The New Year, Your Most Beautiful Skin 5-Piece Collection is no different.  This collection features five new product launches that provide both skincare and flawless coverage so that you are confident you’re putting your best face forward this year.

What’s included in the New Year, Your Most Beautiful Skin 5-Piece Collection

New! CC+ Eye Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream with Cold Spoon Technology

This full coverage eye cream has beautiful coverage, and applies smoothly.  The shade, although slightly darker than the complexion on my arm, works well on my face on my under eye area.

If you suffer from eye puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area, the Cold Spoon Technology promises to instantly soothe the area, and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

CC Eye Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream

New! CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream Compact

CC+ Creme in a compact? Yes! The great thing about it is that you only need a tiny bit to cover your entire face. It isn’t heavy on my skin, and it matches well with my complexion.

The CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage cream offers the full coverage of a foundation with SPF 50+ UVA/UB, physical-only sunscreen, brightening color corrector, anti-aging serum, pore minimizing primer, dark spot corrector and a moisturizing day cream all-in-one.

CC Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream Compact

New! CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder 

Unfortunately, my powder arrived broken, but, I was still able to salvage enough to swatch.  This is a light-weight, talc-free powder that’s formulated with hydrolyzed silk, hydrolyzed collagen, niacin, peptides and anti-aging ingredients working together to provide a flawless airbrushed look, and hydrated skin.

The powder has never really been a perfect match for my skin tone; however, I use it to remove shine in my t-zone after applying makeup. It isn’t something I can use alone at all.

CC Airbrush Perfecting Powder


New! Blurred Lines Smooth Fill Lipstick

This is a super natural-looking lipstick that offers to smooth fine lines while adding moisture and nourishment to your lips with the following ingredients:  shea butter, jojoba, grape seed extract, cherry oil, and hyaluronic acid.

IT Cosmetics Blurred Lines Smooth Fill Lipstick

New! CC+ Angled Buffing Foundation Brush

IT Cosmetics has some of the best makeup brushes around.  They’re soft, are effective at applying makeup flawlessly, durable, an cruelty-free.  The brush is a custom-cut by hand brush with over 80,000 hairs! Talk about luxurious! Using this brush will provide flawless makeup application, giving off the appearance of “your skin but better”.

CC Angled Buffing Foundation Brush

The IT Cosmetics New Year, Your Most Beautiful Skin 5-Piece Collection has you covered in helping you achieve a naturally pretty look for 2015 (and beyond) whether your under eye area needs color correcting, you have some blemishes and/or pores you’d like to cover, or if you’d just rather add a pop of color to your lips while removing fine lines.  Make sure you tune in to QVC or today (3 a.m., 9 a.m., 4 p.m., and 6 p.m.) until 11:59 p.m. EST to pick up a New Year, Your Most Beautiful Skin 5-Piece Collection before it’s gone. QVC Item #A256971 for $59.94 or two easy payments of $29.97 (plus shipping & handling).

The collection is available in 5 shades.

IT Cosmetics Colors

If you’d like to read a full review on the New Year, Your Most Beautiful Skin 5-Piece Collection, please just leave a request in the comment section below.

20 Comments on IT Cosmetics New Year, Your Most Beautiful Skin 5-Piece Collection in Rich {Swatches}

  1. I feel like their products still kinda miss the mark when it comes to women of color. I do like that lipstick though.

  2. I love IT Cosmetics brushes, and I kinda want this kit for the brush alone! Looks like some great stuff, though. Too bad they don't all match your skin tone.

    • Yeah, the powder hasn't ever done well for me color matching wise. Expanding their color range is something they have to think about. It's too light, too warm, and cakey looking, at least when applied alone.

  3. LOVE the new layout : ) So nice! Those lip colors are pretty. They don't seem too bold which is good for work because I don't like wearing strong colors during work. My boss will always ask me if i have a date lol That CC sounds great. I love when I'm able to use a small amount and get good coverage. A little will go along way and last you a long time. great review.

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