Isotoner is a long-time trusted brand in my family.  We love their products from their umbrella’s to their gloves. With winter on the way (December 21), and how cold it’s been lately, I’ve definitely needed to wear gloves, especially during my early morning commutes, standing on an above ground platform waiting for the rail.  By the time the train arrives, and if it’s windy, I am freezing! You’re probably thinking, “Why not keep your hands in your pockets?”  Umm because I’m a blogger with two blogs, with a ton of social media accounts for both to keep up with; therefore, my fingers have no downtime.  However, I know I must keep my hands warm and protected.

Lately, I’ve been using these cool Isotoner Women’s Active smarTouch Matrix Nylon THERMAflex gloves whenever I venture out into the cold.  They keep my hands nice and toasty.  Plus, gloves help protect your hands, nails and cuticles from becoming dry and cracked from the cold air.

The Isotoner Women’s Active smarTouch Matrix Nylon THERMAflex gloves are not as restrictive as other gloves I’ve used thanks to its stretchy and flexible materials, which make gripping and handling my phone or steering wheel easy and comfortable.   What I like best about them is the fact that I’m able to use my touchscreen gadgets like my iPhone while having on the gloves. This invisible smarTouch® technology allows for pinpoint accuracy when using your touchscreen device(s).

The Isotoner Women’s Active smarTouch Matrix Nylon THERMAflex gloves are a combination of soft, stretchy fleece material with colored nylon.  They’re not as bulky as bulky as similar functioning gloves, but, I wouldn’t wear these with a dressy clothing or work wear.  Therefore, I’ve deemed them my stylish pair of weekend gloves, and stick to my trusty pair of nylon Isotoners for weekdays until I’m able to pick up a pair of the dressier smarTouch gloves.

The Isotoner Women’s Active smarTouch Matrix Nylon THERMAflex gloves make a perfect gift, especially since the holidays are here, and Christmas is just three weeks away!  These gloves retail for $48, and are available in three sizes (XSmall/Small, Medium/Large, and XLarge), and five shades: Black, Charcoal, Platinum, Ultra Violet, and Very Berry.  They can be picked up on the Isotoner website where other styles of smarTouch gloves are available for both men and women.

 Disclosure: Product provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own and are honest.

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    • I have mittens that fold down if I need my fingers for something. These are better because you don't need to have your fingers exposed to do anything.

  1. I love these Isotoner gloves, these are my favorite colors. Isotones are so unique, easy to tuck in pockets.

  2. Those gloves are cute! I actually love the blue, I'd probably get that color. Definitely need to grab a pair of smart gloves because I always have to take one off to use my iphone lol

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