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CLEANSE by Lauren Napier
I’m a huge fan of makeup remover wipes and cleansing wipes, especially for times when you don’t have access to a sink to wash your face, or for those times when you’re just feeling too lazy to go through the steps of removing your makeup after a long day, and then cleanse it.  That’s where CLEANSE by Lauren Napier comes into play.

“CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER is a set of twelve individually packaged facial cleansing wipes, that fits neatly into your traveling makeup bag, briefcase or evening clutch.”

CLEANSE by Lauren Napier have quickly become my favorite cleansing wipes for several reasons.  They’re a makeup artist-made cleansing wipe.  I love the CLEANSE by Lauren Napier cleansing wipes because they are gentle and effective in removing my makeup after a long day, while simultaneously cleansing it.  The CLEANSE wipes leave my skin feeling refreshed, clean, non-greasy, and without a sticky residue other wipes sometimes leave.

I love that the CLEANSE by Lauren Napier Wipes are individually packaged in small, sleek packaging containing a 6×7″ disposable wipe, which makes practical for toting in your purse or makeup bag, travel or even in your professional makeup kit.  Most wipes, aside from the Alcone wipes that I keep for my kit have not been individually packaged. I’ve found that when you’re dealing with moistened wipes that come in a tub, after a while dry out from the constant opening and closing of their packaging.  I’m happy that this isn’t something I have to deal with by using the CLEANSE by Lauren Napier cleansing cloths.


CLEANSE by Lauren Napier Ingredients
CLEANSE by Lauren Napier is rich in water, aloe, chamolilla and cucumber, each wipe is slightly textured to aid in gentle and effective cleansing.  These ingredients work together in helping to prevent dehydration, reduce redness and growth of bacteria on the skin (do I hear less breakouts?), alleviates inflammation, refines pores, tightens and tones skin while balancing oils on the skin’s surface.

CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER facial cleansing wipes are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and are safe for contact lens wearers.

If you can splurge on a cleansing wipe, I would recommend picking up CLEANSE by Lauren Napier, especially for on-the-go cleansing and makeup removal.  CLEANSE by Lauren Napier can be purchased at http://www.laurennapier.com/shop/ for $18-$42.

What are your favorite cleansing cloths?

Disclosure: Product provided for review consideration. All opinions are my own and are honest.

26 Comments on CLEANSE by Lauren Napier Makes Makeup Removal & Skincare On-the-go Easy!

  1. These look awesome! I am a huge fan of face wipes…
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  2. i could TOTALLLLYYYYYYY benefit from these wipes
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  3. I love skincare that contains aloe!
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  4. I love makeup remover wipes – especially for that stubborn eye makeup. I hate when the last third of the package doesn't work as well, though, because they're drying out. Great idea to tuck one in the purse for those situations where you really need to remove your makeup.. or clean up those raccoon eyes… and you don't have your cleanser.
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  5. I love that they are individually wrapped! That is my big thing. Sometimes with the other wipes they dry out and if you didn't close it properly you are screwed.

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