Top 5 Charcoal Skincare Products

Charcoal skincare has been around for years, centuries even.  Japan has used charcoal as a cleansing ingredient in their skincare products for centuries, and other countries like India and Egypt have used charcoal to treat wounds.  It’s also used to treat people who have been poisoned; it’s an all-around miracle worker.

Charcoal skincare products have been part of my daily skincare routine for the last few years.  At first, the thought of cleansing my face with charcoal seemed counterintuitive.  How could something so dirty and grimy clean your skin?  My continued use of charcoal in my skincare routine proves that it does work in getting my skin clean, removing impurities, and brightening my complexion.

From an exfoliating cleanser to a sponge that kicks skin into shape with just water, here are my Top 5 Favorite Charcoal Skincare Products.

LUSH Cosmetics Dark Angels Fresh Face Cleanser –  $12.95 

This multi-functional product that cleanses and exfoliates.  I use this daily in the evenings when I need to remove New York City grime from my face.  What do I get? Skin that’s clear and as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  And you can also use it on your body! Read Review

Freeman Beauty Facial Polishing Mask, Charcoal & Black Sugar – $3.99 or 

A scrubby mask that gently exfoliate and cleanses skin.  It leaves the skin soft, smooth and brighter. It’s also affordable. I had a review written up for this four months back.  It has disappeared; however, you can view photos on my pinterest. 🙂

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask – $17

This was my first charcoal skincare product.  It’s a weekly skincare mask that leaves your skin brighter and clearer; however, remember to moisturize afterward because it does tend to dry out [my] skin.  It’s great for people with oily skin; if you’re more on the dry side you might want to stay away.  Read Review

Belle Butters Neutralizing Butter for Oily Skin – 4 oz/ $15

This is also a multi-functional product that serves as a cleanser, a mask, and makeup remover.  This is perfect for whipping your skin back into shape after suffering a breakout.  Money well spent because a little goes a long way! Read Review

Konjac Sponge Bamboo Charcoal Sponge – $10

This sponge can be used with or without cleanser, and works well both ways.  It gently exfoliates the skin, making it perfect to use twice daily. Read review

If you suffer from oily, acne prone skin, or you would like to improve the overall look of your skin, try adding charcoal to your skincare routine.  Any of these products work well enough to do so, and there are affordable options that will not break your bank!

Do you use charcoal in your skincare routine? Which product(s) do you use?

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      • I bought it from Born Pretty Store, but then they jacked the price. I just bought a whole bunch for about $1 from Ebay, and while I haven't used them yet, they're in the same packaging. A couple were heart-shaped, some were green, most were white.
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  1. Love love love these picks. Obsessed with the Origins and Lush charcoal products. Seriously helps tame those breakouts. Gteat post girl!!!

  2. Great round up! I might switch over to a charcoal based product in the summer for targeted cleansing on my oilier areas.
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  3. I really haven't tried any charcoal products but I want to now.
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  4. I love the Freemans charcoal mask, took me forever to find it but I finally did. I still need to try Lush products, I know you love it!

  5. Nice roundup. Thanks for sharing. Each and every one wants the good skincare and and choosing the good skin care products is most important. We need to find the products which are helpful for us. Another helpful skincare product is Meladerm, please check the

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