David Yurman Essence Collection

On my daughter’s birthday, my husband also presented me with a few gifts; he’s sweet and thoughtful like that.  Two of the gifts he purchased were fragrances – Flora by Gucci and the David Yurman Essence Collection.

David Yurman Essence Collection

The David Yurman Essence Collection is a trio of fragrances that are perfect for spring: Exotic Essence, Delicate Essence and Fresh Essence.  The David Yurman Essence Collection is a wonderful addition to my fragrance collection due to its versatility; you can choose to wear one fragrance or mix and match, and layer fragrances to create your signature scent for day or evening.  Although I love all three scents in this collection, two of them are my favorite – Exotic and Fresh Essence both exhibit qualities I love in my fragrances.  Both of them have a hint of masculinity, and do well in portraying a strong, sensual, sophisticated woman.


David Yurman Essence Collection

Exotic Essence (Citrine)

This slightly masculine scent is one of my favorites from the David Yurman Essence Collection.  This is a great scent for the evening due to notes of sparkling mandarin, casablanca lily, rose petals and exotic woods.  The woodsy notes combines with the lily and rose petals make it, in my opinion, the most sensual fragrance in the collection, thus making it the perfect scent for a date night, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wear it during the day because I definitely do.

Delicate Essence (Pink Tourmaline)

This fragrance has notes of pink pepper, lotus blossom and sparkling orange.  The pink pepper doesn’t dominate in this fragrance; however, I get more of the lotus blossom and sparkling orange.  To me, Delicate Essence is a light and flirty making it the perfect scent for a day at the office.

Fresh Essence (Vivid Peridot)

I get the most wear out of Fresh Essence.  Not only is the color of this fragrance Peridot, which is my birthstone, as well as one of David Yurman’s favorite gemstones.  This is a very clean and fresh scent.  It’s light and slighlty floral.   It features notes of sparkling apple, cassis, juicy red fruits and fresh greens.  I like it combined with Exotic Essence.

More reasons to love the David Yurman Essence Collection

What I love about each of the fragrances featured in this collection is the staying power of each of them; they last a long time!  From  the time I spray it on in the morning until I reach home or even after, the scent is still there.  Due to the longevity of the fragrances, all three bottles, depending on the ones you use the most should last you for some time.

The simplicity of the bottles, the jewel tones of each of the fragrances in this set, along with the scents have made the David Yurman Essence Collection a staple in my spring fragrance arsenal.  Unfortunately, the collection was released in 2011, so it may prove to be hard to find. And since I received it as a gift, I am not sure of the price.

What’s your current spring fragrance?


36 Comments on Fragrance Friday: David Yurman Essence Collection features Perfect Spring Scents

  1. I've just begun hearing about these scents by David Yurman. Exotic Essence sounds like it would work for my body chemistry and preferences. I gravitate toward those amber colored, big fragrances, and the green and floral scents just don't work for me. Though I love the idea of layering the different scents, I am wondering if they'll be sold separately at some point. At any rate, I'll look for them and try sampling them. What a wonderful husband you have who buys you a gift too on your daughter's bday!
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    • I haven't heard of them until I received it. Weird since they were released in 2012. The Fresh & Delicate Essence smell great together.

  2. I would probably like delicate essence out of all of these. Sounds amazing : ) What a great hubby you have.

  3. Those are some gorgeous bottles and the scents sound amazing! 😀
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  4. love the different colors, the bottles look beautiful
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  5. Hmmm… My current favorite spring time perfume is Chloe Roses de Chloe. I love the scent of rose.
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  6. These look yummy. I have a huge perfume collection so im always our for a new scent. Thanks for the share!

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