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I’m a makeup artist, and I often provide makeovers (or make unders) to clients.  There are times when I’m just not available to meet with clients in-person, so I am excited to share with you the first interactive makeover app now available here on the Makeup by Kim Porter website by Makeover Solutions.

The makeover app allows you try on everything from your favorite celebrity hairstyles, to a red carpet beauty look.  You can also try on blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and even foundation and lip colors. Cool, right?

You’re probably wondering just how does this makeover app work?  Well, it’s pretty simple, you can either use one of the pre-loaded models available in the app or you can upload a photo of yourself.  The 1-click look option allows you to achieve the entire look of a celebrity from their hair to their makeup.   If you’ve ever wondered what Rihanna’s pixie cut would look like on you, try it out using this makeover app.

I love that this makeover app allows you to try-on different products without actually going to a store.  Have you ever swatched 5 or more [pigmented] lipsticks in a row?  Raw lip city! With this app, you don’t have to worry about that.

This makeover app allows you to stay up-to-date with current beauty and hair trends without the hassle of going out to purchase products that just may not have worked for you.  Imagine trying out the ombre hair trend, only to find you look ridiculous?  Just use this makeover app to avoid the embarrassment of a bad hair day or three, and avoid damaging you hair and skin by using the wrong products or too much product.

To try out the app, just click on “Get a Makeover” located in the top navigation bar of this site, and have fun!  Go ahead, try that bold lip or find your perfect nude lipstick.

 To book me for a makeover or makeup for a special event contact me.


Let me know how you like the makeover app by leaving a comment below.


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  1. Wonderful idea. I will try you app now….
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