2014 New Year's Resolution

I can’t believe that in just a few hours, 2014 will be here! Do you feel like 2013 has flew by like I do? This last year for the blog was pretty good.  I know that I have slacked on posting, but eventually, I picked up the slack and got back in the groove of things.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year


THANK YOU for supporting my blog through commenting, sharing my posts etc. I REALLY appreciate it all!

Special thanks goes to the most active commenters (please check out & follow their blogs!)

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These were the top 5 most popular posts in 2013

1.  Kit Essentials: LA Girl Pro Concealers {Swatches & Photos}

2. Review: imPress Press-on Manicures Salon Results? Not so Sure

3. Kit Essentials: LA Girl Pro Concealers More Shades, Pictures & Swatches

4. How to: Highlight & Contouring 

5. Who Would Have Thought? Risks of Gel Manicures  <—- This was my most controversial post, ever!

Makeup by Kim Porter Blog  readers are from 176 countries, with most of them being from the United States (Canada follows closely behind).

Makeup by Kim Porter’s 2014 New Year’s Resolution aka Blog Goals

To keep up and maintain the Makeup by Kim Porter blog, I will resolve to do the following:

1. Re-do editorial calendar

2. Schedule posts ahead of time

3. Post 5 times per week

4. Have at least 1 tutorial post per week that includes a YouTube video

5. Improve the look & feel of Makeupbykim-porter.com  (Suggestions appreciated)

6. Work on SEO

7. Interact more with Makeup by Kim Porter readers and other bloggers

8.  Use Pinterest more for blogging purposes

9. Use Google+ more & increase my following to 500 followers

10.  Increase daily & monthly blog views

11. Increase Pinterest  followers to 1000

12.  Post Pictorials on Instagram at least once per week

13. Increase Instagram followers to 3, 000

14. Use my DSLR more to take better photos for the blog

15.  Design a monthly newsletter

16.  Work more with brands that I love


What are your 2014 New Year’s Resolutions or blog goals?

27 Comments on Makeup by Kim Porter’s 2014 New Year’s Resolution aka Blog Goals

  1. Happy New Year 🙂 I pinned your contouring post and people LOVE it, I think it's over 500 pins now I get constant notifications from it 🙂 One of my faves!!

  2. I love roundup posts! I also need to solidify my blogging goals for the coming year. You have some great ones that I share, too. Happy New Year, and good luck!

  3. Aww thanks so much for the recognition! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog so much! One of my blog resolutions is to step it up on the perceptions of beauty posts, as well as doing more DIY posts!!

    • You're welcome. That's a great goal, I actually love reading those posts, and I don't think many people do them

  4. Great post! I need to make more YT videos. I think the last one I made was in July or August. Most of your goals are mine too!
    My recent post My 2014 Beauty Wish List

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