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One of my favorite  skincare lines that just so happened to be vegan, LUSH Cosmetics has some exciting things brewing for this Halloween season.  With Halloween being 31 days away, LUSH is bringing you newbies, some oldies but goodies, as well as some online only specials.

Creatures of the Baaaath!

This Halloween, LUSH brings three new spooky limited edition Halloween inventions, which include two new bubble bars ($5.95), and a bath bomb ($4.95).


Pumkin Bubble Bar – A bubble bar with a traditional Halloween twist!  Fragranced like LUSH’s Figs and Leaves soap, this is sure to give you the feeling of walking down a dark street as leaves whirl around you in the howling wind!  A black licorice stem tops off this spooktacular bar!


Lord of Misrule LUSH Cosmetics

Lord of Misrule Bubble Bar – This bubble bar features the world’s first Fair Trade vanilla absolute, Lord of Misrule’s fragrance is layered with a spicy black pepper oil and soothing patchouli.  This slow-dissolving Bath Bomb reveals a wine-colored center.  The popping candy surprise inside, represents the party atmosphere during his rule over a period of winter merriment.  This, due to the spiciness and patchouli, is one I’m looking forward to try the most. Maybe it will end up in my basket when I’m out trick-or-treating.

Sootball Bath Bomb – This bath bomb just sounds dirty! It’s inspired by a character from the Japanese Anime movie “Spirited Away”, this is an all new bath bomb shape, sprayed black and topped with spooky, googly eyes… BOO!… Scared? Sootball is fragranced with Tonka absolute, organic sandalwood oil and benoin to warn, and soothe skin, reduce stress, and drive away evil spirits.  This one is definitely great for using after those long stressful days at work or a hard evening of Halloween partying and fun.

Fizz, Bubble, Mischief and Trouble with year round favorites like


LUSH Cosmetics Ceridwens Cauldren Halloween

Ceridwen’s Cauldron Bath Melt ($8.45) –  This bath melt will soften dehydrated skin, and soothe sensitive irritated skin thanks to ingredients like oats, lavender, sandalwood, cocoa butter and walnut oil.


Enchanter LUSH Cosmetics Halloween

Enchanter Bath Bomb ($6.25 – Make some magic in the bath on Halloween with this spirited fizzer. This bath bomb with its color-changing, magical properties brings bursts of oranges and pinks to your bath, while the citrus scent lifts your spirits.


DEMON IN DARK LUSH Cosmetics Halloween

Demon in the Dark Soap ($7.95/ 100g) –  I first experienced this soap when my husband picked it up for me for our anniversary.  This soap is wrapped in a layer of black wax, to prevent the demon-cleansing properties from escaping.   So, make sure you peel off the wax before you use it, or else, you won’t experience any of this soaps cleaning properties.  Peeling off the wax reveals a forest green cleanser to suds up dirt-demons.  Demon in the Dark is made with fresh mint (perfumed with peppermint and spearmint) and antioxidant-rich fresh organic apple juice to leave your skin brighter and cleaner.


New LUSH Cosmetics Halloween Specials Haunting the Web

Twilight Shower Gel ($29.95/500 ml) – This shower gel is launching just in time for Halloween, deemed the spookiest night of the year.  Too frightened to sleep?  Let this twinkly,  soothing, relaxing, deep purple, lavender-laden shower gel lull you into a nightmare-free rest.  It contains a blend of deeply relaxing essential oils such as lavender flower infusion, lavender oil and ylang ylang.

Witches Ball Bubble Bar ($8.45)  – Halloween brings on the darkness, including the weather, which at times makes it harder to keep up your spirits.  LUSH Cosmetics has created a spell of herbal bubbles to help you feel like yourself again; full of reviving peppermint, rosemary and sage oils, your spirits will be lifted, and you’ll be floating on cloud 9  in no-time.


Will you be tricking or treating with these new LUSH Cosmetics goodies this Halloween?

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