Congratulations! You’re on your way to permanently removing or reducing unwanted facial or body hair. Now that you have chosen laser hair treatment or electrolysis and are on your way to envisioning a soft and smooth you, there are several before-treatment preparation tips necessary for achieving the desired results.

If you are already planning to undergo treatment, you are likely past the first step of receiving the initial consultation with your certified technician and have decided which service is best suited for your needs. The next step relies on you. How you prepare for laser or electrolysis before your treatment session is just as important as post laser or electrolysis hair removal treatment. Here’s how you can better prepare for laser and electrolysis hair removal before each session.



Preparing for Laser & Electrolysis Hair Removal

Preparing for laser hair removal requires patient cooperation to help to ensure desired treatment results.

1. Avoid the sun: Tanning before a procedure, whether you are in the sun or are using sunless tanning products should be avoided before your next laser session. If you have tanned or used sunless tanners, allow the tan to fade.

2. Avoid alternate forms of hair removal: Waxing, shaving, plucking and even electrolysis treatment should be avoided before undergoing laser treatment. Although shaving is okay, temporarily removing the root

3. Avoid stimulants: Caffeinated drinks and alcoholic beverages should be avoided on the day of your treatment session.

4. Remove products from the skin: Before treatment, be sure to remove lotions, deodorants, makeup, or perfumes which could irritate the treated area.

5. Topical anesthetic cream: Before your electrolysis session, ask if you are able to treat the area with a pain-relief cream. Patients may also find it helpful to take Ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and pain before treatment.

If you have yet to meet with a certified technician to discuss treatment options, now is the best time to speak to a professional. Find out which service will work best for you and how you can achieve great results by taking the time to prepare.

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Aleya has been performing laser and electrolysis for more than seven years and recently opened her own company, Laser By Aleya. If you are interested in receiving laser hair removal treatment on Long Island, contact her today!


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  1. Great tips on how to prepare for a laser session. I got laser hair removal a few years ago, and I’m so happy with the results. From someone who has gone through the process, these are definitely great tips to prepare for your session!

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