Disclosure: I attended an event where I was provided products for free by the company or its PR.  These are my honest opinions.

Previously, I posted a review of the Perlier 8-piece Mini Set, which I received since I am an iFABBO member.  When I received an invite to attend the Perlier Press Preview, I was excited!  I love attending Press Previews since it’s a good way to learn more about a brand you love, and it allows you to see what the brand has coming up in the future.  Perlier, has some great new products in the works for the end of the summer, fall and holiday season.

The Perlier Press Preview took place in the wine room of the Bowery Hotel in New York City.  During the preview, we were able to test, and smell the following new items from Perlier:

Italian Sorbet Collection

Volcanic Thermal Spa Line (available October 2013)

Imperial Honey Collection (available in August 2013)

 Perlier Italian Sorbet

Italian Sorbet Collection

The Perlier Italian Sorbet collection features four summer worthy, fruity scents: Bellini, Coconut, Wild Berries, and Lemon.  Each scent of the line has a bath and shower cream with a  complementing body cream and hand cream (3-piece set $39.95).  The Bellini scent has a ‘Soothing Gel for Legs and Feet’ ($20).  The Wild Berries scent has a lip balm ($14.50).  The Coconut scent, which is one of my favorites has an ‘Invigorating Body Water'($22.50), while the Lemon scent has a ‘Rereshing Ice Granita’ ($24.50), which is a crackling spray.  I received that for free for review consideration through iFABBO.  I posted it on  my instagram account, MakeupbyKimPorter, check it out.

Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa Line

Volcanic Thermal Spa Collection

The Volcanic Thermal Spa Collection smells divine!  It will be available around October of this year on HSN.  This collection provides a true “Stone and Thermal Therapy” effect in the comfort of your own home.  The Volcanic Thermal Spa Collection has an exclusive anti-aging complex that associates the energizing properties of Volcanic Rocks, and the rejuvenating power of Thermal Water from Tuscany.

The Volcanic Thermal Spa Collection contains the following:

Vitalizing Thermal Shower & Bath gel – Stimulates and tones the body

Revitalizing Active Water – Improves skin’s tone and elasticity

Thermo-Regenerating Cream – Firm and smooth skin

Thermal Scrub – Rejuvenates, provides elasticity, tone and radiance.

Perlier Imperial Honey

Imperial Honey Collection

The Imperial Honey Collection is derived from a rare hone, and Royal Jelly aka the “True youth elixir”,  produced by the Black Bee found in the mountains of Sicily. This collection brightens the skin, makes it smooth, and hydrates it.   If you’re like me, and love the Honey Miel Collection, you will definitely love Imperial Honey.

The Imperial Honey Collection Includes:

Bath & Shower Cream – This is really hydrating. It also leaves a light honey scent on your skin. I love it!

Nourishing Body Butter

Protecting Hand Cream – This is truly moisturizing. It’s one of my favorite Perlier items.

I love the packaging of this collection the most;  it is definitely luxurious, and screams there’s more luxury within the bottle.


For the holiday season, Perlier is releasing gift sets that feature items from your favorite collections, so keep a look out for them in the upcoming months.


Twitter:  @PerlierUSA



What do you think of the new Perlier Collections?

Are you going to pick up anything?


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