Disclosure:  CVS Gel Polish Remover Wraps were provided to me for free as a gift at an event.  All opinions expressed are 100% honest and are my own.


Check out How to Remove Gel Polish With CVS Gel Polish Remover by Kim Porter on Snapguide.

I attended the Getting Gorgeous with CVS Beauty event earlier this month where I spun the wheel and won the CVS Gel Polish Remover Wraps.  For the last few weeks I’ve been giving myself at-home gel manicures, so winning this was exciting.

The CVS Gel Polish Remover Wraps comes with the following:

– 30 foil wraps (removed 3 complete gel manicure sets)

-Manicure Stick


My Thoughts

Normally I’d soak a cotton pad or ball in acetone, and cut small squares of aluminum foil to wrap my nails, then wait 15 minutes to remove the bubbled gel polish with an orange/manicure stick.  The CVS Gel Polish Remover Wraps made it easier since it cut out the steps of me having to cut foil, and hold my cotton pad in place.   It would have been nice if it included the nail file/emery board, and acetone as well.  I guess for $7.99 that’s what you get.  Maybe in the future they will include those items?

During the event, the CVS beauty representative stated that CVS Regular Nail Polish remover works well in removing gel polish.  Coincidentally, I had the jar in my desk drawer and never thought to use it for that purpose until after she mentioned it.  Thank you!  I tried it the other day, and it worked probably better than wrapping my nails in foil.  The polish bubbled up quicker, thus coming off easier and faster.   No more sitting there waiting 10-15 minutes for your gel polish to come off!

Would I recommend the CVS Gel Nail Polish Remover Wraps?

Since I had a better experience with the CVS Regular Nail Polish remover, I would recommend that first.  The CVS Gel Polish Remover Wraps does free up time, in that you don’t have to sit and cut foil.  You can also move around and do things with the CVS Gel Polish Remover Wraps on your fingers.  With using the CVS Regular Nail Polish remover, you would have to be stationary, sitting with your finger in the jar, soaking each finger one at a time.





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