The best parts about The Makeup Show New York 2013 are that it offers quality hands-on workshops, and exclusive access to new and innovative beauty products.

As I was going through the list of hands-on workshops, which cost $135 each, a lot of the ones I wanted to take are sold out, such as ‘Ideal Eyes’ with Danessa Myricks, and two classes with Jon Hennessey: ‘Makeup for Photography’ and ‘Red Carpet Beauty and Beyond’.  There is this Danessa Myricks class I may take, but will probably have to miss work for…

Makeup for High Intensity- Danessa Myricks- $135
Monday, May 6, 2013- 9:30-12:30- Studio 2
From the bride who is in makeup all day to photo shoots in challenging locations like beaches, deserts and dark makeup rooms that challenges a makeup artist faces go far beyond creating a beautiful makeup. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn to choose the products that make your makeup longer wearing and how to keep it looking flawless all day long. The presenter will let you in on celebrity secrets you can add to your arsenal for keeping your skills savvy and your makeup looking sophisticated. Look at the products on the market that deal with everything from waterproofing to the magnifying eye of HD and how we can work to master makeup for every occasion.

Don’t worry, there are still classes available for those who need to brush up on their skills, and for newer artists who just need to learn different makeup tips as a whole.  Below is what’s left.

Essential FX for Every Artist- Sheila McKenna Sponsored by Kett FX – $135
Sunday, May 5, 2013- 10:15-1:15- Studio 3
Review the basic FX techniques and products that every artist needs to know whether they are working in film, television, commercial work or fashion. You will review the creation and application of scars, cuts, scrapes, burns and bruises as well as methods for producing skin conditions, aging and discuss considerations for film, lighting and continuity. Supplies are provided.

Lash, Lip and Brow Excellence– $135
Sunday, May 5, 2013- 10:30-1:30- Studio 2
Making faux lashes look realistic is a necessity for every artist. In this workshop we will revisit eye shapes to identify the type of lash style that is needed to best suit the eyes through the application of individual, strip or cluster eyelashes. You will watch as the presenter demonstrates how to customize lashes for the client and keep lashes looking modern in every situation. You will also explore techniques for keeping brows polished and perfect and address the basics of lip application and the methods that bring your makeup to celebrity level. In the hands-on portion the presenter will bring you through the application procedures and artistic process while giving you guidance and direction to these important details in your makeup application.

Celebrity Beauty – Johnny Lavoy – $135
Sunday, May 5, 2013- 2:00-5:00- Studio 2
Paying attention to what hair and makeup is being featured on Red Carpets, runways and award shows is critical to keeping your clients looking modern. Red Carpet expert Johnny Lavoy has a long list of accomplishments and a celebrity clientele and can help you incorporate these looks into your own makeup repertoire and make every woman in your chair look and feel like a superstar. In this workshop you will see the application techniques and product choices that make a makeup artist the favorite of celebrities. Learn how to assess your own client needs, listen to your clients wants and make decisions based on the situation and job at hand. Whether you working in bridal, behind the counter or with personalities yourself you will learn the skills to take your beauty makeup application to super-star status.

Tattoos: The Art of the Cover Up- Nicky Posley for Temptu Pro- $135
Sunday, May 5, 2013- 1:45-4:45- Studio 3
For work in the film and music industries to even basic bridal, the skills needed to both cover and color correct blemishes, birthmarks and tattoos is essential for an artist in high demand. In this hands-on workshop, you will explore the color theory and airbrush application for covering these distractions for brides or celebrities. You will gain a better understanding of the way color and camouflage can make any makeup look better. Finally you will learn the advanced skill that helps you land the intense jobs and separate you from the other artists in your market.

Makeup for Photography (2)- Orlando Santiago- $135
Monday, May 6, 2013- 10:15-1:15- Studio 3
In this crucial event for anyone working in any print medium including bridal, editorial, headshot or other print work you will review what is involved in creating flawless beauty makeup for photography. This event is designed to help you better understand the details that make a makeup camera ready. The presenter will take you through the techniques required to transform a makeup for photography and the product and tools that can be used. They will share personal procedures as well as explore the precision required for photographic applications.

Perfect Beauty-  $135
Monday, May 6, 2013- 1:30-4:30- Studio 1
Perfecting your technique, detailing your work and understanding control and precision in beauty makeup applications for everything from bridal to red carpet, commercial work to film, television and print is essential for becoming a well known and well respected artist. In this workshop you will learn to create your precise and perfected make-ups and develop an understanding of the fundamentals of each area of the face in every application. In the hands on portion of the workshop you will learnt to step back from your work and ask yourself the questions that will lead you to precise and perfect applications helping you client to achieve their most beautiful look. This workshop is ideal for early stage artists or those who want to breakdown their application and build a better understanding of how every choice and administration of color effects the end result.

Understanding Color Theory and Color Correction – Lijha Stewart for Make Up For Ever – $135
Monday, May 6, 2013- 1:00-4:00- Studio 2
Color Theory is used to allow us to understand how colors react to each other and how our eyes see that reaction. This reaction is the basis of all make up design. Color theory applied in beauty make up lets us enhance certain features like eye color, make educated choices to correct discoloration in the skin tone or skin imperfections, and helps with issues like under eye darkness. In more advanced or avant garde make up designs, color theory will help you create a unique and impactful end result. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to make your own foundations, customize colors to design the best looks for your clients, and develop your eye to see how color theory applies to all aspects of your work.

Fundamentals of Complexion and Contour- Orlando Santiago- $135
Monday, May 6, 2013- 1:45-4:45- Studio 3
In this intensive hands-on workshop, we will look at one of the most important aspects of any application…achieving the perfect foundation. We will explore how product can be manipulated by an artist to attain any desired coverage and texture and the importance of color theory, color matching, correction and coverage in creating flawless foundation. We will discern the decision making process and the why and when in choosing liquid, crème and powder formulations.  In the hands-on portion, you will be challenged to color match multiple clients and correctly apply three different formulas of foundation to achieve desired coverage. This workshop is ideal for beginning makeup artist or artist who wants to explore the building blocks of a beautiful application.

I actually took a similar class with Orlando at the Make Up For Ever boutique here in New York City, and it was very good.  He makes learning how to contour easy!

To RSVP for any of the above workshops, send an email to

Please Note: 

  • All Workshops are booked on a first come, first serve basis (16-24 Attendees)
  • All Workshop Attendees must bring their own brush set all other products supplied.

As I mentioned previously, vendors usually launch their latest products at The Makeup Show.  This year is no different;  over a dozen brands will launch new products exclusively at this years show.

The Makeup Show New York Kett Blush

Kett Cosmetics is launching a creme blush in 6 shades in pro pan refills or individual compacts.  This vitamin enriched formula melts into the skin to create buildable color from barely there to bold and rich.   But there’s more!  They will also be offering a complimentary brush with purchase, only at the show!

Layla Cosmetics will be introducing their new pro line to the USA for the very first time!   This collection will be making its first-time ever debut at The Makeup Show New York with a professional assortment of makeup and nail polishes!


The Makeup Show New York Parian Spirit

Parian Spirit will introduce a new 4 oz pump of their professional makeup Brush Cleaner exclusively at The Makeup Show New York.   The citrus oil in their brush cleaner reconditions the bristles as the alcohol disinfects; leaving your brushes clean, sanitized and like new.  This is a must product for any makeup artist to carry in their kit!


Disclosure:  This post was provided for informational purposes.  Information was provided by PR;  however, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I know you attended a workshop at last year's show (a Jon Hennessey one, I think) and I'm attending my first TMS workshops this year. They said to bring your own brushes (which is cool) but I wondered about whether the products they provide for us to work with will be ours to keep. How did they handle that in the workshop you attended? Thanks!

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