Frederick Malle Lipstick Rose

A scent that I’ve been wanting and I feel is perfect for the spring is Frédéric Malle Lipstick Rose, which is described as a powdery floral scent. This perfume was created in 2000 along with perfumer Ralf Schweiger, and is described as follows:


Marilyn in Technicolor, vulnerable even brash. Lipstick Rose is Ralph Schweiger’s vision of glamorized femininity. A perfume that smiles at you, like a dash of lipstick with its rose and violet-flavored bonbon scent. Grapefruit and violet enhance the fragrance’s rose note. The backdrop is musk and vanilla with a hint of vetiver and amber.

Frédéric Malle Lipstick Rose has most of my favorite notes including rose, violet, musk, vanilla, vetiver, amber and grapefruit. What stuck out to me most was the violet.  I’m a big fan of violet scents.  After wearing Lipstick Rose for a few days, it dawned on me that I love this scent because it reminded me of one of my favorite Guerlain fragrances, Insolence.

Guerlain’s Insolence was created in 2006 by Maurice Roucel. He’s responsible for one of my other Frédéric Malle favorites, Musc Ravageur. Insolence includes notes of violet, raspberry, red fruit pulp, rose, orange blossom, iris, tonka bean, musk and sandalwood.  Again, there’s the violet and musk I love. Yummy! You can read my thoughts on Guerlain Insolence  here: My Favorite Scents Series: The Smell of Purple

What’s keeping me from buying Lipstick Rose?

The price! It costs $170/50 ml and $250/$100 ml.  Right now, splurging on perfume is not in my budget.  I can get Guerlain Insolence for about $40-120 less, and it satisfies my senses all the same.

Have you ever wanted a high-end fragrance and found a more affordable dupe?


Disclosure:  A sample of Frédéric Malle Lipstick Rose was provided for review consideration.

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