Makeup by Kim Porter Wedding Wednesdays

Hi beauties!

This is the start of a new blog series I’m going to start: ‘Wedding Wednesdays‘.  My ‘Wedding Wednesday’ posts on everything in bridal beauty and fashion.  Since, I don’t consider myself to be too fashion savvy, the fashion aspect will come from my good friend Janique of

Why I am starting Wedding Wednesdays?

Initially, the focus of this blog was to chronicle my journey to becoming a makeup artist.  When I started, I didn’t know which path I wanted to take, and the blog has honestly gone off-track.  I’ve gone off-track.  I’ve let my enthusiasm for makeup and beauty as a whole take over without focusing on the larger picture.  Overtime, and most recently, I’ve become more, and more focused on bridal makeup.  I love to do clean, beauty work.  Plus, working with brides is fun!

Wedding Wednesdays will allow me to focus on my path, and give tips to the everyday bride.

How can you get involved?

– Submit questions / suggestions

– Ask for advice on bridal makeup and fashion

– Let me know what you would like to see


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