I got caught out there with the Black Friday sales.  Getting emails and text alerts on your phone is such bad business. My wallet isn’t happy right now. I don’t feel too bad since I haven’t made a makeup purchase in like… forever! In my case, I wound up purchasing some items from MAC, which included the limited edition Grey Friday lipstick.  I was excited to have this since it was different.  I’m all for different lipstick shades, except those in the range of powder blue etc.  Things that would just make me look like a ratchet hoodrat female rapper.  Anyway, my package finally arrived yesterday evening; a day late.  I immediately swatched it. 

My thoughts about the Grey Friday lipstick  is that it is ehh.  I wish it were more opaque.  It is creamy.  Application is smooth, but is a little streaky.   I can see the Grey Friday lisptick working well with a berry or purple shade, maybe even a fuschia.  The shade definitely looks different on everyone.  Honestly, with a clear gloss, and gunmetal pigment, you can create the same shade at home.  I’m happy I didn’t pay full-price for it. 

Did you purchase the Grey Friday lipstick?  What are your thoughts?



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  1. Yeah ehh is right. It does nothing for you. I was excited for you when you said you purchased it. It looked pretty cool, but yeah it is definitely not worth running out to buy it now. Thanks for the tip about the gunmetal pigment though.
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