I’m like totally obsessed with everything Pumpkin Pie Spice related.  Seriously, I think I’ve tried almost every kind of pumpkin pie spice latte, chai tea, donut – you name it, I’ve probably tried it or have wanted it.  Last year, when I was on the Belle Butters website about to purchase my Neutralizing Butter for Oily Skin, I came across their Pumpkin Pie Butter.  I got a small jar (4 oz), which I regretted immediately since it ran out so quickly (I’m heavy-handed with body products).  Since it is a seasonal butter, I was smart about my purchase this Fall and jumped on the 16 oz, which is the largest size.  So far, with using it daily, I haven’t nearly made a dent in it.


The Pumpkin Pie Butter unrefined shea butter and avocado butters, optiphen(preservative). And for extra softness and moisture, a bit of calendula oil and jojoba oil were added (source).

So far, I’ve tried three of Tasha’s butters. I can say all of them are whipped to fluffy perfection.   The texture of this butter is the same as the ones I’ve tried, and I have no issues with it.  The Pumpkin Pie Butter blends into the skin easily, and leaves me smelling like a freshly baked pumkin pie (or ginger cookie if my husband were to tell it) all day.  The scent is definitely not overwhelming.  I love that it just makes me feel warm and happy!  Oh, and it leaves my skin feeling super soft, especially when used right out of the shower. 

I also purchased a small jar of the Unyevu butter.  I use this one on my daughter’s hair and on my hands. It works wonders.  The scent wasn’t what I thought it would be, but, it does smell nice and light.  I think I expected more of a spicy ginger… oh well.

I would definitely recommend checking out Belle Butter’s there’s something for everyone! Plus, Tasha is just a sweety!


Have you experienced Belle Butters? If so, what are your favorites?


Disclosure:  All items mentioned in this post were purchased by me with my own money.  All opinions and views are my own and were not influenced by outside sources.

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