Over the weekend I decided to revive my dried out Inglot Gel Eyeliners.  I haven’t had this issue with my MAC gel eyeliners nor with my Ruby Kisses ones, so I wonder why these dry out so quickly??? I’ve only used them a few times, too.  I love the pigment of them, and when they were “fresh”  they applied smoothly.  Most people probably would have chucked theirs, but, I loved them too much to part.  And thanks to a video by Enkore Makeup (Koren Zander), I was able to revive my gel eyeliners.



What I used:

MAC  Water-based Mixing Medium (PRO Only)

INGLOT Face Primer (any silicone primer will do)


1/4 size teaspoon

Gel eyeliner


How I did it

In Enkore’s video he used a blow dryer to heat the dried gel eyeliner.  You can also use a microwave, which I ended up doing since it is less noise.

First, I combined the mixing medium and the primer into the 1/4 teaspoon and stirred it up together with a toothpick.  After those two were mixed together, I poured the mixture into the dried out gel eyeliner.

After pouring the mixture into the dried out gel eyeliner I stirred it up with the spatula making sure everything was mixed well.  I then placed it into the microwave for 20 seconds (it didn’t bubble it just melted). I took it out of the microwave again, and mixed it up then repeated the microwave process for 20 seconds then mixing and repeating those steps until I achieved my desired consistency.

After that, I smoothed it out, and cleaned up the edges with a q-tip, and let it cool.


I wound up reviving all three of my INGLOT gel eyeliners. I’m happy I was able to make them like new, especially my black one.


When your gel eyeliners dry out, do you throw them away or revive them?

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