Three months ago, I joined the Iphone clan, and yes, I am addicted.  I’m especially addicted to Instagram.  Instagram is where I live all day long, posting pictures of looks I’ve done on myself and others, ‘liking’ looks of other people etc.  Every month different beauty bloggers, makeup artists, and gurus start photo of the day beauty challenges.  Some of these photo of the day beauty challenges involve winning a prize.  But, overall, the challenges just allow you to show off your makeup addiction, skills, and beauty stash.

This is the photo of the day beauty challenge I am doing. 



So far, I have been posting a photo a day. I plan to keep up with this, as it seems fun. Plus, it will allow me to shop my makeup stash.

Have you participated in any of these Instagram Photo of the Day Beauty Challenges? How do you like them?

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