INGLOT introduces Freedom System single palettes, a unique method to arrange eye shadows, blush or pressed powder in reusable magnetic cases. With the new single Freedom System Palettes you are able to reuse the palette over and over limiting the amount of waste and remaining eco-friendly.
Owing to the magnetic locks, Freedom System cases can be combined freely creating “blocks” of cosmetics closed with one lid. This solution is extremely useful while working on makeup, and it reduces the space occupied by a huge collection of products to a minimum and also secures it perfectly.  Or if preferred, each of the cases can also be closed individually with a separate lid. 

What will it cost you?


 Freedom System Blush, empty palette $7.00




Freedom System Pressed Powder, empty palette $8.00





Freedom System Eyeshadows, empty palette $6.00


Where can you pick up your INGLOT Palette?      

US –, Inglot Stores – NYC, Las Vegas, Miami, Newport Beach, New Jersey, and select Macy’s

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