I can’t believe Ashton Kutcher is on a dating site!  I know there are millions, upon millions of girls who would want to score a date with him.  Watch the video below, and check his dating profile on this new dating site World Wide Lovers.



If Ashton Kutcher is not your cup of tea, the match-making site, World Wide Lovers has a variety of men suitable for your tastes.  Here are just a few I found, you may find them to be amusing too! Just browsing the site had me in stitches.

Raj is a bollywood producer.  He kind of reminds me of Reza from Shah’s of Sunset. 


Nigel, for those who like to indulge in a little herbal therapy, he is your man!



Darl, is for those of you who have an affinity for pets, and sharing your food with them doesn’t bother you at all. Oh, and doesn’t he look like Karl Lagerfield?



Swordfish is your man if you are down with the tattooed, biker get-up.  I have a few tattoos myself, but, I will leave him for you 😉  Besides, behind those tattoo’s I can tell there is a nice, sweet, hunk of love waiting for you.



Check the dating site out!

If not Ashton Kutcher, Which of these guys will you date?



Disclosure:  This post has been Sponsored by PopChips. I will receive monetary compensation for this post.

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