Skincare routines are important to maintaining beautiful, clear skin.  It is also important when wearing makeup.  Flawless makeup application is achieved by having “good” skin as a base.

No routine is the same from one person to the next.  Nor should the routine stay the same from season-to-season.  Why?  Your skin may be drier during the colder months, which may mean you need more hydration/moisture and incorporate exfoliation to rid your skin of dry, dead skin.  During the Spring & Summer months you will want to include lighter moisturizers, and products that contain SPF.


Below are items I currently use during my daytime routine.   It is very simple.  Both my night and day routines include using my Clarisonic MIA and Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser.



Skincare Tools



My evening routine is similar to my daytime skincare regimen with the addition of masks, and serums.

Check my video below to see what I use in my routine & how.


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