Last year, Oprah Winfrey introduced her Lifeclass Series on her network, OWN; sharing her ideas and thoughts of the things she has learned during producing the Oprah Winfrey Show.



Monday, April 2 2012 I had the greatest opportunity to attend the Live taping of Oprah’s Lifeclass the Tour featuring Tony Robbins at New York CIty’s Radio City Music Hall.  The topic of this lifeclass was ‘Living Fearlessly’.   First, I just want to say this was an amazing experience to share with my mom, and three friends who were also in attendance.  When I applied for the tickets I didn’t even expect to get chosen.  My mom applied, but was denied.  Fortunately for her, I added her as my guest.  It was nice to be able to knock something off of both our bucket lists while learning to improve our lives for the better.



We were seated six rows from the stage, actually, the same row as Gail, the woman Tony Robbins advised on how to achieve success after failure (watch clip here).   We were up close and personal, and it made everything more intimate.  It also encouraged me to be more active during the show.  If you have never seen Tony Robbins in action, know that he is a huge ball of energy.  He had us jumping up and down, hugging one another, stretching etc.  It was fun, and made the taping zoom by.  It went so fast, I almost did not want it to end.

What I liked about the Lifeclass was Oprah’s acknowledgement of the power of social media; facebook, twitter, and skype were used during the show.  Everyone in attendance, and those watching at home were encouraged to tweet or facebook Oprah or Tony with their responses to questions asked during the show, such as “What story do you keep telling yourself that is holding you back?”  I was brave enough to tweet my response, and it showed on the jumbo screen!



My story is what I tweeted and more.  I feel like now I really have no time for anything. No time for myself, no time for my husband and friends, no time to blog and do makeup.  This feeling has gotten worse after my father passed away in January.  I still have yet to come to terms with his death.  Him being here made everything easier.  Now that it’s only my mom, I feel guilty going out after work or on the weekends since she watches the baby all day while I’m at work. I am struggling with balancing between spending time with my mom so she’s not alone, and spending time with my own family.  It’s alot…

Tony advised us all to “Divorce your story and marry the truth.”   Most of the time people build on their stories, and all they are doing is making excuses for themselves.  I’ve never even thought about it until that moment he said it.  Oprah stated “You don’t become what you wish for, you become what you believe.”  If you are constantly thinking you can’t do this or that because people won’t support you. someone is already doing it or people will think something negatively etc., you will never make it.  Those are the hurdles I need to get myself over.



You’re probably wondering how does all of this relate to beauty?  If you are feeling horribly on the outside, you will see it and act it out on the outside; beauty truly comes from within. 

I do not want to make this a long & drawn out post (it’s already long), so I close this to say that I  truly learned a lot from attending  this Lifeclass.  In the meantime, I am handing in my papers to divorce my story.   


Do you have a story that is holding you back from anything?


*The photos in this post were taken with my Blackberry Torch.  Please do not use any of the photos unless you receive my permission.

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