It is spring, and summer is just around the corner, which means WEDDING SEASON!!!  A lot of women are currently searching for the best makeup artist to help them look amazing on their wedding day, or they are looking for the best products that will help them achieve the look they want on their own.  Either way, having the perfect makeup on your special day means knowing which products to use as well as how to apply them.

When weddings are during warmer months, or take place in a warmer climate even, it is best to keep the heavier foundations and makeup to a minimum.  No one wants to have pictures where their makeup is melting off.

Here are some tips to help make your wedding day makeup last throughout your special day.

Moisturize & Prime!

Whether it is your face or eyes, priming encourages the longevity of your makeup look throughout the day, as well as helps aid in the smooth application of foundation and eye shadow.  There are several different types of primer; there are primers for oily skin, mature skin, dry skin, illuminating etc.  Make sure you choose the one that is right for you. 

Apply your moisturizer first then your primer. If your skin is not dry or if it’s oily, you may be able to skip the moisturizer and just apply primer.

Here are posts on the importance of primers Foundation | Eye shadow


First things first, since you’re being photographed stay away from products with SPF, since it will give you a whitish appearance when flash photography is used. 

The foundation you choose depends on the coverage you need/prefer.  It also depends on your skin type.  If you have oily skin, stay away from oil-based products. Dry skin, use hydrating products.  If you want a dewy look use silicone based liquid products. 

If you have pretty clear skin, with minor imperfections, choose a foundation with coverage that’s on the lighter side.  You can always correct any other imperfections with a spot concealer afterward.   

Here’s a post on how to find your correct foundation shade and concealing & correcting 101


For bridal makeup, I like to use the following:

MAC Cosmetics Face & Body (waterproof) (see swatches of shades here: Karla Sugar)

Make Up For Ever Face & Body (waterproof) (see swatches of shades here: Karla Sugar)

Tinted Moisturizer (without SPF) – OCC Moisture Tint



For more full coverage…

Make up For Ever HD Foundation

Face Atelier Ultra Pro Foundation (Silicone Based)

*If you have oily skin, use a brush or sponge to apply your makeup, not your fingers.  Your finger will add extra oil to your skin.

After applying your foundation (and concealing areas needed), set with a powder and make sure to blend. 


Eye Makeup

1. Use a primer first.  Urban Decay’s Primer Potion has never failed me.  Your eye makeup will last for hours.

2. People with oily lids should stay away from creamy eye shadows to avoid a meltdown and creasing.  Also, matte and satin eye shadows tend to work best.

3. Use a liquid liner or waterproof liner that has 24/7 staying power.

4. Use waterproof mascara or opt for natural-looking falsies to enhance your eyes.

5. Always make sure you have well-tamed, well-manicured brows.  Brows shape your face, and can make or break your look.


Make Up For Ever has a plethora of waterproof makeup, from eyshadows, foundation, eye liners and more check them here


Blush for the blushing bride (I know, corny)

When the weather is warmer, the first thing that tends to slide off is

1. Cream blush will shine or slide off. Instead, opt for a soft, powdery formula that will look fresh and absorb oil.

2. For more staying power, apply cheek stain or a liquid blush, then dust a matching powder blush on top of it.

Try Make Up For Ever HD Blush




Your lips will be doing a lot of work on your wedding day – from kissing your new husband, guest, eating etc., you risk your pretty lip color fading.

1. Start off by exfoliating then moisturizing your lips with balm so your pencil will glide along easily. Then take your lip pencil and color in your entire mouth — this will prevent your lipstick from bleeding and supply more holding power.

2. If you’re the type of person who can never keep her lipstick on, use a medium-toned concealer as a base before your lip pencil.

3. Once your pencil’s in place, apply your lipstick, and then blot with a tissue.  Apply a touch of lip gloss too!


Makeup Setting Spray

Set your bridal makeup with a makeup setting spray to seal in your look.

Skindinavia has one specifically for brides, ‘Bridal Makeup Finish‘ that retails for $29.  They also have one for oily skin, one for those who would like a dewy look, and more.  You can also try Urban Decay’s ‘De-slick’ if you have oily skin. 



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