LUSH Angel's Delight Soap


I purchased this in January during LUSH’s holiday sale.  It came with two other items, the Shimmy Shimmy glitter bar and Snow Fairy Shower Gel (love the scent).


Out of the LUSH soap bars I’ve had the opportunity to try, this one is probably one of my least favorites.  I do like the smell.  The scent reminds me of fruit punch.  What I did not like was that it did not last long at all. I felt like after the first use, half of the bar was gone.  .:Womp Womp:. I’m kind of glad I didn’t pay full-price for it, otherwise I would have been upset.  The bar lathered nicely, and my skin felt clean, but not dried out after rinsing.  I can’t really say much about it because it didn’t last long enough.


The soap is only limited to Christmas holiday time.  I do not know why that is when it doesn’t smell like anything related to Christmas time.  Christmas scents, to me, are cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg; spice-type scents.  Angel’s Delight is a sweeter, fruit-punchy type scent.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining because I do love the scent, and it lingers.


Would I recommend?

If I had to go on scent only, I would re-purchase, otherwise my money is staying right in my pocket.


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