Completely Bare has always been a spa I’ve wanted to try for my brazilian waxes, but, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $74 to get rid of some hair.  When Groupon had a deal up for 3 Brazilian Bikini Waxes ($222 Value – $74 each) I didn’t pass up the opportunity to purchase.    I finally ended up setting an appointment at the 5th Avenue location with Rita, prior to heading on my vacation toPuerto Vallarta,Mexico.  What better time to use it? I’d definitely be wearing a bikini, and can’t have hair sprouting out from it. 


This is my experience there…

The first thing I notice when going to a new place is how well the front desk person treats me.  Was he/she nice? Did he/she greet me properly? Etc.  There were instances where I’ve tried a new place for a service, and the front desk person was straight up rude, and even though the service was good, I did not return.  Luckily, for Completely Bare, the service I received was excellent.  I was greeted by a young woman who was expecting.  We struck up a conversation since I had my 9 month old daughter in-tow (along with the hubby).  Babies and pregnant people always = conversation now .:lol:.



Onto the cleanliness of the place…

Ahhh I hate going somewhere to receive a service, especially when it comes to hygiene, and it’s dirty or smelly!  Completely Bare was the complete opposite – it was Completely Clean.  The 5th Avenue location was very sleek, modern, cozy and clean.  Nothing was out of place.  It smelled nice as well.  One thing I did notice were all of the framed pictures of naked women.  I guess it goes with the name, Completely Bare.

The wax room was typical of any waxing room.  It was white, with a bright light to see down there. There was a television on the ceiling, although non-working, was a first to me.  It would have been cool if the television had worked since it would have been a good distraction for people getting waxed, especially for first-timers.

During my wax…

First, I’d like to say that the Groupon I purchased was for a Brazilian Wax; however, at Completely Bare, that means they leave a “landing strip”.  If you are like me, and would like to have it all taken off, you have to pay an extra $8.36 for what they call their ‘Completely Bare’ wax, which they describe as “…a wax treatment is uniquely ours. It’s a very thorough waxing service that removes absolutely everything – including buttocks.”  Normally, when I go to Shobha they take everything off without an extra fee.  Imagine having to spend $82 every time for a wax.

I was brought into the room, Rita told me to strip from the waste down, and wipe.  A Completely Prepped packet was not available for me to use, however, there was a container of baby wipes to use to clean up down there. 



Two different waxes were used; purple (hard) wax for the sensitive areas (labia area) and pink (soft) wax for the least sensitive areas.  The hard wax, which is intended for deeper roots, would dry, sprinkled with powder to avoid slippage when being pulled off by hand.  The softer wax, wax strips were used to latch on to the wax, to then be removed. 

 Waxing is not completely painless, but, for me it comes close to being painless.  I guess it is because I have a high tolerance for pain? Rita was surprised I didn’t let out a single scream, nor did I cringe, especially since it had been about 8 months since my last wax.  Rita also stated I shouldn’t have waited so long in between.  I told her I was scared of getting another Brazilian wax after having an episiotomy with my daughter.  

Listen, if your wax person doesn’t talk to you during the session, do not use them ever again (somewhat joking).   Conversation during a Brazilian is important, especially for first-timers to distract them from the pain they may experience, and it also kind of takes the awkwardness out of everything.


The true test of any waxing experience, other than the waxing process, is of course, what happens afterward.  After my Completely Bare wax, I had no ingrown hairs, irritation or anything.  I was smooth for a few weeks after my wax.


 Would I recommend?

Overall, I had a great experience at Completely Bare.  I’ve finally found a place that I can say provides comparable service to Shobha, which is my favorite place of all-time (and nearly $30 cheaper than CB)!  If you can afford to spend $82 every month or month and a half to be neat and hair –free down there, go ahead and go with Completely Bare.   I’m definitely going to return to use up the rest of my Groupon credit (and I paid the extra $8.36 in advance to have the ‘Completely Bare’ wax).  I still can’t see myself spending $74+ on a wax, especially since I have a baby now. 

Completely Bare has several locations in theUpper East Side, the flatiron district, and lowerManhattan.  Completely Bare offers complimentary consultations if you’re interested to learn more. If you’re scared of the pain, Completely Bare also offers a Relax Wax, where they place numbing cream for 30-40 minutes prior to waxing, to ensure you do not feel a thing.


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Disclosure:  I paid for this service with my own money.  This is my 100% honest review/opinion.

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  1. I wish I had waited to purchase this voucher. Yesterday I had the worst waxing experience EVER at Oranta Day Spa in Brooklyn. I purchased a voucher from groupon last year and decided to finally use it. From the time I laid down to have the waxing done, the esthetician was complaining. She basically told me I made her job harder, and why did I wait so long to get wax and how she isnt doing a complete brazilian because it would take too long but the comment that Pissed me off the most was when she told me waxing me was like having an abortion. I told to her stop im done! I have never been so disrespectful like that in my life at a spa not to mention how painful the waxing was. I filed a complaint with groupon and I was issued a credit. I plan on filing a complaint with BBB.

    • WTH! She did NOT say that!!! I'd write a horrible review about that place on yelp etc. Did you contact them to speak to the manager and make a complaint about her?

  2. I wrote a horrible review on every review site I could find. Im contacting the manager today as they dont open until the afternoon. Im still pissed off about the situation and not to mention I have a half done brazilian.

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