Today, since I had off, and had a waxing appointment at Completely Bare (review coming soon) I stopped by Lush Union Square.  I had a $30 giftcard, and had run out of Glogg Shower gel, so I figured I’d run in there with the husband & baby in tow, to pick-up one or two things.





The large bottle of Glogg wa $24 & buy one get one free.  I ended up getting that  along with a gift box that had

-3.3 fl oz Snow Fairy shower gel

-1.0 oz Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar

-2.5 oz  Angel’s Delight Soap


Here are a few my husband and I love and want to pick up next…

Sexy Peel – reminds us of lemongrass.  I’ve been burning the oil in our home lately.


Sultana of Soap – reminds us of our vacation spot, Puerto Vallarta.



lush soap



What are your favorite lush products?

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