Saturday, December 3, 2011 I attended The Makeup Show’s Holiday Pop-up shop.  I arrived late, around 3 p.m. since I had mommy duties to attend to beforehand.

I arrived just in-time to see celebrity makeup artist, James Vincent giving a seminar “Beauty for All Ages.”


As client’s age, their skin and their makeup needs change with them. This critical event will help you understand how to maximize your knowledge of product and make you look their most radiant at any age. Celebrity Artist James Vincent gives insight into the products and application that has led him to work with personalities ranging from Lady Gaga and Liv Tyler to Joan Jett and Barack Obama and can keep you looking your best.


What I learned….

I learned that he sometimes uses kool-aid as a cheek color.

He always lines lips with a skin tone lip pencil so when the lip color fades you’re not left with a color-lined lip.

He applies liner after he does the mascara.


There was a lot more, but, I would suggest taking one of the pro seminars to learn more tricks.


I didn’t get much from the pop-up shop.  I stayed within my budget as well.


Dermalogica cleansing system $22
Lucas' Pawpaw ointment, Face to Face Matt Anti Shine, eyelash curler
Kissable Couture Glosses $9 each

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