I gave you a review of the imPRESS Press-on Manicure by Broadway nails, and I wasn’t too impressed with them (no pun intended).  As I mentioned in that review, I really wanted to love them; therefore, I gave them another try.  This time, I tried “Holla”.  I chose to use them again because I had no time to get my nails done for my family holiday pictures, and this was a cute design.


I took off all nail polish then buffed my nails.



I layed out all of the nails I will need after sizing them up



 I applied the nails… Voila!




I must admit “Holla!” looks much better than the last pair I tried



These nails lasted 5 days.  Within those five days I experienced the following:

-Color fading at the tip of the nails.  I wash my hands constantly, wash dishes, bathe myself and my daughter

– Glue began to bulge out after a few days of use (I’d say on the 3rd day)

-Nails did not feel stable.  If I tried to grasp something with my finger tps you can feel the nail move.

-The nails will not work if you have curved or oddly shaped nails.

-Long nail lovers will not find this product helpful.

– Nails began to wear down/chip by day 3/4.  I’m assuming this happens from the constant hand washing, and use of lotions and oils.

– The glue did not damage my nails.

 Check my post for my pros and cons about this product here


Would I recommend?

Try them out for yourself.  They are pretty decent.  I’m glad I gave them a second chance. They really saved me for my holiday photos AND I received a sh!tload of compliments this time.  Plus, you can save $1 on the product if you visit http://impressmanicure.com/ and print the coupon.  FOr New Years Eve, since I am going out I will probably put on “Working Girl”.

7 Comments on Review: imPRESS Press-on Manicure in “Holla!”

  1. I really glad you posted again on this product. I was considering getting some for new year's eve as well. I have a wedding to go to and even though i got a facial and a pedi today what I really needed was a mani. Hopefully these will be a life saver. If not I am no worse off other than a few bucks spent to try them. I will definitely be using the coupon you mention that I had found on the site. Thanks so much. Love your reviews.
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    • Thank you for stopping by. They are pretty cool, but definitely not for longwear.
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  2. I tried these nails, and I as well wash my hands constantly and I am bathing residents I take care of in the nursing home. These nails lasted 6 days, and I only had an issue with my dominant pointer finger. When the seventh day came my ring finger came off, and that is when i decided to take them off, I did have plenty of nails fr replacement, but not enough for another full set. I had the pick me design, and I received many compliments from people and many also asked where I got my nails done at.

  3. what kind of adhesive is used on these nails. one fell off the first day & i would like to stick it back on.

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