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Rescue extremely dry, dehydrated skin with this sumptuous cream that locks in nourishing moisture for 24 hours. Feelings of tightness virtually disappear, thanks to Lancôme’s ultra hydrating formula that’s enriched with Royal Jelly for lasting comfort. Almost immediately, skin feels smooth, supple and cushiony-soft.

For best results, apply to body when skin is still damp.



  • Smoothes and nurtures skin with 24-hour moisture
  • Cushions and insulates skin from the effects of climate and seasonal changes
  • Smoothes on effortlessly, drenching skin in comforting non-greasy moisture for a satiny-soft feel



  • Royal Lipidéum™ Complex of Lipidéum and Royal Jelly: Helps skin retain moisture by supplementing its own natural lipids (moisture-binding fat cells found in the skin)
  • Contains Shea Butter, one of the most effective ingredients to fight dryness
  • Chestnut Peptides increase skin’s natural lipid production


My thoughts:

I simply love, love, love this product.  This right here… is like the best cream for [my] dry skin.  My hands, especially since I wash them constantly get dry quickly so I usually test moisturizers there first because if they work on my hands, it’ll work anywhere else. With regular moisturizers (I was using Kiehl’s Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion) my hands would get dry not too long after application of the cream.  The Nutrix Royal Body Cream kept my hands (and later on, my body) moisturized throughout the day, even after consecutive hand-washing/showering.


After noticing its miracle-like properties I used this bad boy daily.  Once I got down to the last drop, I cut the end off to ensure I got every last bit of goodness out of the tube.  



-Inexpensive (for a Lancome product) – $29-$35/ 7oz

-A little goes a long way.  The moisturizing feeling lasts for I’d say at least a 24-hour period.

-Great texture

-Absorbs quickly and nicely into the skin

-Moisturizes and makes skin feel soft, supple and smooth.

-No sticky or greasy residue



Perfume-like scent.  I’m not really fond of scented lotions, especially when they smell like perfumes I don’t like – the scent of an old woman.   The scent doesn’t linger around too long, but, it’s a bit intense in the beginning. 


Do I recommend:

Yes, I would suggest you pick-up this product if you suffer from dry skin. Winter is near, which means dry skin is in some of our futures.  Prevent it, and tackle it with Nutrix Royal Body Cream.  It really works!


What is your favorite item(s) to combat dry skin during the winter?




Lancome Nutrix Royal body

Disclaimer:  I attended an exclusive press event. The product mentioned in this post was provided by PR, for post consideration and potential review.

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