Yesterday, Saturday, November 5, 2011 I had the opportunity to attend The Powder Group’s Brows Beyond Powder Seminar, which was taught by Brow Guru, Jennifer James.   This was a 2-hour long hands-on seminar where we watched Jennifer James take the look, texture, shape, color, and application of the brow beyond powder.  She taught us how to pushed the brows she worked on to their limit without looking overly done and flat.



In this seminar focus will be on the proper use of multiple brow products & specific brush/tool techniques to achieve optimum dimension & texture for superior brow work. “Brows Beyond Powder” was designed to give artists a stronger advantage in the advent of HD technologies in photography & film. This session moves them into the future & beyond with master techniques that have been developed through many years of trial, error & ultimately execution. This segment assures that the artist will be able to effortlessly produce beautiful eye brow looks for every segment of the industry.


During the seminar Jen described eyebrows as being a character that we as makeup artist have the opportunity to develop.  Our goal, and priority is to “Enhance not alter or distort”  the brow, and  to “Appreciate the anatomy even if it is not a favorite look.”  As individuals we tend to do things based upon our own liking, but, as artists we have to put that into the background, and work with what’s in front of us, especially since no single person has the same anatomy, and facial structure.


When working on brows know your medium & use the right products.

Jennifer stated, “Powder lies flat, while creamy products add dimension.” For example, waxes in pencils build.  She taught us how to sculpt the pencil tip into a “knife” to make a fine point, thus allowing the artist to apply fine, hair-like strokes to the brow.  While showing us she stated “Always make your tools do what you need them to do.”  The same applied when using an angled brow brush to apply fine hair-like strokes.



Look at the “hairs” she gave her!


During this seminar, I learned a lot.  Doing eyebrows [correctly] is a lot of work, and much more than slapping on some powder, pencil and gel; there’s an art and science to it.   I’m happy I had the opportunity to take it, and I am happy I actually had the chance to work on a brow and have Jennifer’s instruction.  There’s a lot more that I need to learn, as well as skills that I need to refine, such as making my hairs lighter, and more fine.  It all takes practice, and time.  I would love to do her Brow Boot Camp.


Assessing the brow is extremely important.


Jen Showing me how & where I should lay the “hairs”

I finally had the chance to meet Miss Merli.  She’s seen in the demonstration with me doing her brows.  She’s a sweetie.






Start with the lightest color possible first.  Use additional colors to build dimension

Brow color does not need to match hair.  You match it with skintone.

Use a magnifying glass to check your work.  Make sure you see individual “hairs”. especially when doing HD work.

MUFE Mist & Fix (Plant-based Hair spray works even better) to mold & shape brow hairs.




Must-have Products:

MUFE Waterproof Eyebrow corrector – use to make “hair” by creating fine wispy strokes.

Brushes – MUFE Eyebrow brush & 5SB

Magnifying glass


10 Comments on Review: Brows Beyond Powder Ft Brow Expert, Jennifer James

  1. Love the post. I wanted to take her Brow class last month, but was unable to. Oh and your hair is amazing it so long, you look so different in the picture.

  2. I guess I was still thinking kim with the short hair, so when I scrolled down real fast I was like wait, is that Kim? I knew you said your hair grew out but I wasnt expecting it to be that long. It looks really nice.

  3. Oh shoot! I KNEW there was something I was forgetting. GRRR! I meant to register for this class but I don't know why I thought November was so far away. *sigh* Thanks for posting this review and the pics. I'll have to look into taking her Brow Bootcamp Class 🙂

  4. Thank you more than I can express, Kim! This is so much more than I could have even asked for!
    I hope your readers enjoy it because I sure am. I sent this one to my parents. #SoProud

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