Karen’s Body Beautiful is in my neighborhood, and since it’s opening, I’ve been dying to try it out.  I love to try new places, beauty items, as well as support black owned businesses,  especially when they’re owned by women.   I was excited when I saw the groupon deal for a spa package, and quickly picked one up for myself. 

Friday, October 7, 2011 I used my Karen’s Body Beautiful Groupon I purchased back in May of this year.  The groupon deal was  $59  for a Spa Package ($170 value).  My spa package included: a 30-minute steam eucalyptus massage & sugar scrub (a $90 value); a choice of eyebrows, lip, chin, or bikini wax (up to a $25 value); a Vichy shower session (a $30 value); and choice of a five-star finger manicure or runway beauty pedicure (up to a $25 value).

Before I go on a rant about what I did not like about my treatment, I will say this, the women I dealt with were very pleasant.  I did love the way my eyebrows came out as well. T his is the first time I’ve let another person, aside from myself, shape my brows.  They actually came out great. I plan on going back to Carol for touch-ups.

Off to what I did not like… I almost hate to write this because this place gets such good reviews and is loved by so many… at least their products are.

I was taken almost immediately for my treatments. It was supposed to last from 3:30pm – 5: 30 pm, and I left out of there at 5:55 pm.   


First treatment – Eucalyptus Steam

I was told to strip down (in a nice way of course), and wear disposable undies, then I’d be assisted into the Vichy shower machine (shown above), which heats up and makes you sweat.  I laid in there for what seemed like an eternity. It was a little relaxing. I had sweat dripping everywhere.  To prevent sweat from falling into my eyes, a towel was placed over them.  My masseuse, Keisa,  checked in every 10-15 minutes, to make sure I wasn’t getting too hot or uncomfortable.  I wasn’t.  After that was complete, she came in and gave me my sugar scrub “massage.”

The sugar scrub “massage” was not too bad.  It’s purpose is to cleanse your skin of all of the toxins that may have been released from sweating during the previous treatment, and to of course, exfoliate the skin.  She started at my ankles and worked her way up the upper part of the front side of my body.  Some parts were a little too rough for me.  I did like the scent of the oil she used.  After she was done with the scrub, she turned on the vichy shower for about 10 minutes to rinse off the scrub and sweat.  After that was complete, the same process was done for the next side.  The end result, was baby soft skin.

Manicure – A BIG Disappointment

I haven’t seen reviews on how the manicures at Karen’s Body Beautiful are… WAIT… Now that I think of it, I did see a good review from Afrobella.  I trust her judgement since she’s the Godmother of Beauty Blogging.  Unfortunately, I had a not so amazing experience.  I was told, after I was done getting dressed to come out, and someone would be with me.  Why was I waiting for like 10 minutes.  None of the girls were doing anything except chatting away.  Finally, the woman who did my brows, Carol came and suggested I do my brows first (she did an excellent job by the way) then do my nails.

My nails are polished in Essie’s ‘Incognito’ a beautful emerald/jade.  On my hands, it reminds me of OPI’s ‘Jade is the New Black.’


I HATE the way she shaped my nails.  She filed the edges too far in.  The way she polished them were very messy.  It’s splotchy.  After a few days, the color chipped, and looks a hot mess.  The manicure just didn’t do Essie’s Incognito justice.  When I do my own manicures, I do a better job.



All I have to say is, ‘Thank God for Groupon’s.’  Had I spent the full price for those services, I would have been upset! I will probably only go back to get my brows waxed, if necessary, and to pick-up some more Baby Locs Leave-in Conditioner for my daughter.  This product seems to be working wonders on her hair, and it smells good too.



2 Comments on Review: Karen’s Body Beautiful Spa – Thank God for Groupons

  1. This was a great review! I think the owner will appreciate the honesty. Hopefully she will know to google her company to check out feedback.
    My recent post Attitude

  2. I knew the manicure would have been disappointing. I went to get a pedi/mani and i was not happy about the manicure at all. The pedicure was just okay. The same thing happened to my polish in 2you days and my nails started breaking. I must say I sure do love their products!!!!

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