Last week (post) I introduced you to The Fresh Diet. I have never used a diet program before, and it was cool to try one out.  This one I heard is similar to Nutrisystem.  After one week of trying it out, I can now give you a personal review of the program.


About The Fresh Diet

The Fresh Diet hand-delivers three, freshly-prepared, meals and two snacks each day, offering clients delicious, healthy meals that are never frozen, freeze-dried or vacuum-packed. An innovator in the diet delivery service category, The Fresh Diet provides members with an online meal planner and hands-on control over their service plan.  The Fresh Diet chefs can accommodate certain dietary restrictions and personal taste preferences.  Founded in 2005 by Zalmi Duchman and Yosef Schwartz, a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, The Fresh Diet is now available in Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, New Jersey, New York, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Southern California, Southern Florida, and Washington D.C.



I received breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 7 days.  I stopped delivery on the weekends (they allow you to do so) because I felt it didn’t make sense for me to use it on days I’m not working.  The Fresh Diet made it so EASY for me to get up, get ready, and GO! I didn’t have to worry about what I was going to pack for lunch the next day because I already had it.  I also didn’t have to worry about cooking dinner or eating leftovers, since something new is delivered to me every morning.  My deliveries came around 3:30/4 AM every morning. Perfect, since I leave for work around 8 AM.  I can’t imagine how that would work out for someone who worked nights or left earlier than the delivery time. 




  • -Convenience – very little meal preparation on my part.  All I had to do was heat the necessary items in the microwave. Certain things I did heat in the oven, which made it taste better.
  • -Calorie counting is done already & meals are *properly portioned to fit your dietary needs.
  • -No cleaning/dishwashing, that is, unless you transferred the food items from the trays into your own dish (I did sometimes), especially, for the microwaved items.
  • -Healthy food choices
  • -Dessert options were great, especially, the cheesecake.
  • -Perfect for individuals/singles who are busy with work and life.
  • -I learned what the proper portion sizes are.



  • -The Fresh Diet allows you to select food items you’re  allergic to or just dislike that you would like to leave off of your menu. However, there were items I am allergic to like crab and shrimp that popped up on the menu list for me to choose from. Also, things I do not eat, like pork showed up as well.  They need to develop a system that exclusively excludes the items from showing up on your menu list choices once you’ve selected you do not like them.
  • -Food did not always look fresh or clean.  I had lettuce that was wilted, carrots that were soft.  I had fish that had scales on it, as though it wasn’t cleaned at all. That was a turn-off.
  • -I felt hungry after all of the meals for the day were done.  I breast feed so, I need to eat an extra 300-500 calories per day as if I were pregnant, to make sure my milk supply doesn’t drop.  The food I was given, even though I chose the highest calorie range, was not enough. I ended up eating more to satisfy my hunger.
  • -Customer service is not too great.  I contacted customer service about my issues with the food etc, no one got back to me.  After receiving an email trying to get me to renew from Brenda, a Fresh Diet representative, I told her my issues again, and she said she would call me back. Again, nothing.
  • -Some of the muffins, and the oatmeal tasted like it has some sort of sugar substitute.  I don’t like any of those fake sugar items such as Splenda, Equal, Stuvia etc.  Once I tasted it, I didn’t eat it.
  • -Cost.  If you are unemployed, or on a low-income budget, this isn’t for you.  It’s not the greatest economical choice for people who have large families.
  • -Food was very bland. It lacked flavor; no seasoning.



Would I recommend?

I would have to say no.  It was convenient, but, I can’t deal with the inconsistency with the food.  If you claim your food is fresh, then that’s what it should be. Also, I couldn’t get over the lack of flavor in the food, especially since the company claims the meals are created by gourmet chefs. It didn’t taste like it.



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Disclaimer:  The Fresh Diet has granted me a 1 week FREE trial of the program to test out.  This is a sponsored post that I will be compensated for.

5 Comments on Stop Counting, Start Eating: Feel Fresh for Fall Part II @FreshDiet

  1. Great post. When I first read your initial post, it seemed interesting but I can't deal with bland food AND poor customer service.

    • I can't deal with either or… Then they have the nerve to call me to see if I want to extend the service. Yeah, right!
      My recent post Baby Deals: @Boba Carrier onsale!

  2. I've been waiting for this review. I was somewhat curious how the food would taste. For the amount of money this cost you'd think the food would be a lot better. Thanks for sharing!
    My recent post Article of the Day: Why I Won’t Date Dudes Who Slander Kim Kardashian

    • Exactly! I just can't understand why it costs so much and the food sucks! I can't access your blog from my job 🙁

  3. OoooWWWw…. wait you had bad customer service?! They have been good to me… and the food is tasty. I am sorry you had a bad experience.

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