What it is:
A mist that extends the wear of makeup.

What it does:
Lock n’ Load is a weightless mist that locks down your look for up to 16-hours, so makeup stays rockin’ all day and night long. Its Temperature Control Technology prevents makeup from melting down when it’s warm and avoids dehydration and cracking when it’s cold. Ideal for all skin types, it won’t leave your skin feeling sticky or tight. It also works to prevent blush, eyeshadow, or lip color from fading, sliding, caking, or becoming excessively shiny.
Can be purchased at Sephora for $24

My thoughts:

I was really excited to try this product, especially having heard so much about it, and I wanted to compare it to the Skindanavia Makeup Finish Spray, which I reviewed and LOVED!  After reading many reviews on how amazing the Kat Von D Lock n Load Setting Mist was, I was surprised to experience a big let-down.  I must say that I am disappointed that it didn’t work for me, and I really wanted it to.

I tried applying the product as directed, which is spraying it on your face after applying your makeup.   I also tried applying it the way the Skindinavia finish works, which is spraying it before you apply and afterward.  Both ways did not work in setting my makeup.  I used it over my tinted moisturizer and liquid foundation.  I have oily skin as well, and at the end of 2-3 hours my skin looked oily.  The makeup was nowhere to be seen on my nose.  As the day went on, my face just looked undone & mucky. 

When sprayed, the product doesn’t really come out as a fine mist as described.  I do like that it does’t leave your skin feeling sticky and tight, however, it does NOT mattify your face.  I do not mind the cucumbery smell, but, if you despise cucumbers stay away. 

Would I recommend:

Overall, this product, to me was moreso of a refreshing mist for a hot, humid summer day, and doesn’t live-up to making makeup stay-put for 16 hours.  I’m not sure if it has to do with my skin being oily, but I can say that this product didn’t work for me.  Just because it didn’t work for me, it may work for you.

Continuing my search for another great setting spray, I’d love to try Urban Decay’s All-Nighter or De-Slick for oily skin.  I’ve read and heard so many great things about both.  Hopefully, they do not disappoint.

What is your go-to makeup setting spray for the hot, humid weather?



Disclaimer: This product was sent for review by a PR company.  I have no affiliation with this brand, and have not received any compensation.  This is my honest opinion/review.

6 Comments on Review: A Complete Melt-down – Kat Von D Lock n Load Setting Mist \

  1. thanks for the review, I'm as oily as they come, but I absolutely adore urban decay's de-slick!

  2. it's such a shame that this product did not work for you. 🙁 I've heard that Skindinavia is one of the best setting sprays… which one is your favorite? 🙂

  3. Yep, I agree with your review. My skin is super oily too and this did not work for me. I swear by using Mattify Ultra powder over my makeup, which is usually enough to set my foundation for a day at the office. On Saturday I was heading to the lake and wanted some extra hold. When I used the Lock n Load my face felt kind of sticky and my makeup melted off even faster than usual. Glad Sephora takes returns!

    • Yeah it sucks it isn't a good product. I like her concealer though. Try skindinavia. It is expensive but it works.

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