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Twisted Sista blow-drying crème, by Urban Therapy did not disappoint.  Its description states, “the blow drying crème gives your hair new structure and shape, controlling and straightening as it controls and relaxes your hair”.   Well, it did just that.  The product, which is more like a clear gel substance with a light refreshing scent, was used on my niece’s hair.  Her hair was previously relaxed which caused damage and breakage.  So this product seemed to be a perfect fix to achieve a nice silky straight look with out the harsh chemicals.


First, her hair was washed and conditioned. After, it was towel dried and left damp.  Twisted Sister was applied to her hair and then blow-dried.  While blow-drying, I could see how it left her hair soft straight and more manageable.




Once her whole head was blow dried, her hair was flat ironed.  The results were remarkable.  Her hair was silky smooth and flowing.  The product didn’t leave her hair dry and brittle like other products I have used.   It seemed to make her hair looked healthy.


Will I recommend?

I will definitely use this product and recommend it to family and friends.  Especially those who want to achieve a straight relaxed look with he use of harsh chemicals.  The product is also affordable, priced at $4.49, you can’t beat that price with those results.

Where to purchase: Twisted Sista Shop, Walgreens, Duane Reade, Target, Rite Aid, and Harris Teeter


Have you tried any Twisted Sista products?

What were your thoughts?


Dislaimer: This product was sent for review by a PR company.  I have no affiliation with this brand, and have not received any compensation.  This is my honest opinion/review.

2 Comments on Review: Twisted Sista Blow Drying Creme

  1. I have a shor cut and usually wrap my hair and sit under a hooded blowdryer. But since it was about 90 degrees yesterday, I decided to use the product and I liked the results. It left my hair manageable and also seem to help hold the curl.

  2. I had the same problem like your niece, that is the reason I bought this product and I can say that I'm a true fan of this product. I didn't want to get a relax because it broke my hair off bad and then I got micros and that didn't help. So I said I was going to wait awhile then get a relax but the hair was so bad and I found the blow drying creme and now I can wait a little longer.

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