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Comment Below: What is your best kept beauty secret and/or makeup tip?

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41 Comments on Win! Paint Quad, Two Tix to the Yagolicious Beauty Affair & More

  1. Hmmm not sure if this is much of a secret, but I apply a small amount of Vaseline before putting on my eyeshadow to minimize the smudges and removal that occur throughout the day. That and I also like to apply Mac Lipglass over my lipstick. You can buy any drugstore brand of lipstick. Paired with the Mac gloss it will look like a million bucks.

  2. I use african shea butter to moisture my face, body and sometimes during winter my hair. It is extremely great for stretch marks also. I love universal products lol.
    Birmingham, UK

  3. A makeup secret that I find helpful is putting MAC face and Body foundation in the fridge which prevents it from separating and makes last longer in terms of usage.

  4. My beauty secret is applying pure vitamin E oil on my face before bedtime. I find it keeps my skin soft and glowing and it diminishes any blemishes.

  5. A Makeup tip of mine is when using pigments that you would like to pack together to prevent sprinkles all over the face, use a stuff makeup brush, like a concealer brush and dip the brush in eyedrops or contact lens solution, blot gently, then in your pigment to pack it all together and pat it on your lid. when it is slightly dry, you can use a large fluffy eyebrush to blend out or with other colors.

  6. i use weave bonding glue to attach my lash strips…also use baby oil gel to moisturize skin and add a glow to the skin…looks sexxy in the club!

  7. Hi~~
    I'm in Connecticut (USA). My best secret is my routine to keep my oily skin from ruining my foundation. After using a toner, I blot my skin with oil-absorbing papers (always brings more oil out!), then Smashbox AntiShine and after foundation MAC blot powder. It helps 🙂 Thanks!

  8. One of my favorite makeup tips is to use a white eyeshadow as a highlight (I'm very pale!) There's no glaring shimmer and I save loads of money 🙂 I'm in Washington State, USA.

  9. i follow a regular skincare regime of cleansing, toning and moisturising. i prefer herbal products for this. i use a facewash with tea tree oil that helps control oil( i have an extremely oily skin). i use toner with cucumber extracts. fortunately i have no blemishes and marks or dark circles on my face. so i can always skip using foundation or concealer!! i just cleanse my face, add toner and moisturiser( sometimes sunscreen) and then some compact from maybelline and my face is ready! i am a sucker of eye makeup. i always wear kajal. i like colored eye pencils and shadows. my favourite colors are turquoise, plum, purple( both shadow and liner). my favourite brands are maybelline, e.l.f. etc.

    kolkata, west bengal, india.

  10. I use jojoba oil to moisturize my skin. It makes my skin healthy glowing and doesn't clog pores.

    Krasnodar reg., Russia

  11. I use tea tree oil to bring down inflammation in cystic blemishes when I get them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. My best kept beauty secret is 20 cups (measuring cups) of water/ day. That water can come in the form of diulted black tea or diluted juice or whatever but I MUST have 20 cups of it! People think my skin is clear because I wash my face 2x a day but it is mostly because of the water.

    aerolantern at gmail dot com

  13. Beauty secret? I would have to say African Black Soap. It helped make my skin less oily, stopped breakouts and left it glowing thanks to the infusion of natural unrefined shea butter (the best kind). It really is a miracle worker.
    NYC, USA

  14. My best kept makeup tip is to use several mascaras to achieve definition, volume and curl and then SEAL it all with Blinc tube mascara – no racoon eyes and washes off easily in the shower (no need for oily mascara remover)

    Arizona, USA

  15. My beauty secret? Vaseline! Women in my family have been using it all over their bodies for GENERATIONS and it works WONDERS. People often don't believe my grandmother when she tells them her real age!

    New York, NY

  16. My best beauty tip to keep my face looking fly, and refreshed is washing my face morning/nightly with Caress (the original bar soap), and wiping off with a hand towel. Afterward, I apply Seabreeze, with a cotton ball, let dry, and apply a moisturizer (I'm using Neutrogena at the moment). I pay extra attention to the area around the eyes. And I double up at night. With this regimen, I hardly have a blemish. Ever. Oh and to remove waterproof mascara easily…baby wipes!

  17. My best beauty secret is I never wear mascara without first curling my lashes. Its opens your eyes up and with well groomed eye brows you may be able to wear nothing more. I never leave the house without mascara, blush and my favorite lip gloss.

  18. I just learned some great tips from the other comments. I am certainly going to drink more water, especially as the weather changes and I have been noticing that my skin is starting to feel dry.

    My secrets:
    I do not have very full eyebrows so I fill them in with an eyebrow brush. It's less harsh and looks more natural than pencil, and I prefer that. Also, I love accentuating the shape of my eyes by doing a wing tip with liquid eye liner.

    Right here in New York!!

  19. Doing facial treatments 3 days consecutively has proven to be a good way to get clear baby bottom skin..do a microderm one day,mask the next and the third possible a peel..


  20. My secret beauty tip is to wash your face two times at night to remove all dirt and traces of makeup. Follow with a night eye serum and moisturizer and your face will thank you!!

    Nashville, TN

  21. Hmm, my best kept secret or tip? I never wear foundation two days in a row. I have sensitive/oily skin and I've discovered that my skin does not like it all that much. So I never wear foundation two days in a row!

    Kizzy in Cincinnati

  22. My best kept secret is using the MAC eyeshadow brush to apply my concealer. It goes on so evenly with this brush I never have to worry about looking blotchy.

    Michelle in New Jersey

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