I have been getting brazilian waxes for about 7 years now.  My favorite place was located near my old college, Hofstra University; however, after graduating, making the trip up there for 10 minutes of service was out of the question.  I started going to Shobha on the recommendation of one of my older sister’s friends, and I fell in-love with this place.  They are extremely clean, pleasant, accommodating … I can go on (Read Review Here).  Since my favorite technician moved from their SoHo location up to their Madison Ave location, it’s been a task for me to just get there.  Plus, now that I am saving, spending $57-$67 for hair removal is becoming expensive.

During my search for a new place, I tried Vada Spa on recommendations from a few friends who have gone there, which turned out to be a #FAIL in my opinion. I never had so many ingrowns after a wax in my life.  Going to Shobha, and using Karmjeet, I never ever had ingrowns.  I have no clue what this place did wrong, but I would never go back. 

Being pregnant makes you grow hair like crazy.  I have hair in places I have never had it before.  If you’ve read any of my older posts on hair removal, you’d know I constantly bragged about being virtually hairless.  On that note, going without waxing is a no-no.   Since it grows back so fast, instead of getting waxed every 5-6 weeks, I would have to go every 3-4.  The money adds up!  I did want to try completely bare, but, their waxing service is $20 more than Shobha! I’m trying to save not break the bank. No thank you!

After reading reviews on BeautyLogicBlog and KMP blog, and having them tell me personally how great their waxing experience has been at Dyanna Spa located in Manhattan, I figured I’d give it a try.  My appointment is today after work.  I will definitely keep you updated on how I liked or disliked my brazilian wax there.

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