In my post last week, Still Searching… The Ultimate, Superb & Affordable Waxing Place I mentioned I would try Dyanna Spa since I read some good reviews from fellow bloggers.  Needless to say, I tried this spot out, and I wasn’t impressed.  Sorry!  The job was done & yes it was painless, it was  just not great.  Plus, my waxer made me bleed.

Shobha Threading & Waxing is still #1

Why’d this place not impress me?

Things that bothered me…

Customer Service is extremely important, especially when you’re going to a place such as a spa because of the intimate services they provide.   The front desk personnel, who is the 1st person you meet at any spa or salon should set the the tone for your visit that day.  I must say, the woman I met last Thursday, November 4, 2010, barely looked at me, didn’t greet me, and was just cold.  I don’t know if she was having a bad day or just doesn’t like her job, but that’s not my issue. Greet me with a smile & “Hello how may I help you?” So they lose points there.

Trimming -Usually, if someone has gone a while between waxes the place will trim you.  Dyanna spa did not do that.  The woman who did the wax at Dyanna just stated “Don’t wait so long next time.”  No, lady you’re supposed to trim!

She left hairs! Before we began she asked me if I wanted it all gone. I replied ‘YES’  So, why did I still have hair in my crack?!  When I go to Shobha they don’t leave one strand of hair.  Usually, I’m given a mirror to see how the job went.  They didn’t do that here.  When I reached home, I of course examined myself, and noticed the left over hairs.

She used tweezers – After a wax is complete there may be a few stray hairs left that should be removed.  Dyanna Spa used tweezers to remove the strays. I’m used to getting those strays threaded, which is more sanitary (and less painful) than using a tweezer that could have been used on who knows who.

No cold compress! There was no cold compress used after the wax, which I am used to.  A cold compress relieves swelling and redness after the wax.  I’m pregnant.  Down south tends to be a whole lot more sensitive than when not pregnant.  Something should have been used.

No anti-inflammatory cream (hydrocortisone) applied to help soothe skin.  The only thing that the waxing lady did do was take a piece of tissue paper (the kind that protects the table) with baby oil on it to remove the excess wax.

No aftercare instructions. I know that I am not a 1st time waxer BUT, what if I wanted to be reminded about what I should and shouldn’t do after my wax.  I mean I do have pregnancy brain so I forget a lot.

*Waxer I used at Dyanna Spa was Lana. Alla, who was recommended to me & I was told I was going to get wasn’t there.

Will I go back?

Probably not.

Disclaimer:  This is an honest review of my experience at Dyanna Spa.  This was not a free service; all services were paid for by me.

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  1. Crazy! I would be so upset, this is a clear example of why bloggers need to stay honest and transparent… its insane you received such a terrible service when plenty of good reviews have been written.

    Hopefully your review will give them a wake up call and they will work towards providing a better service.

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