This is a guest post by my sister, and chef, Shani Porter.  I introduced her and her cakes in the post titled, Experience Something SOulDelicious!

Two Sundays ago, I shared the most part of the day with Kim Porter. We visited my godson and his mom in queens and decided we definitely wanted to try a restaurant we’ve been hearing great things about in our neighborhood.  Unfortunately, ‘Peaches’ was closed until October 1st (the site has not been updated 2 weeks later and posts the same message.)  Luckily, there was a link on the sites homepage that directed me to ‘Peaches’ sister restaurant called ‘Peaches Hot House.’ I compared the menus, both touted similar recipes with a southern flare. Exactly what we were looking for! (I really wanted to try another shrimp and grits dish besides the one I recently tasted at Blue Smoke, which was pretty good.)

When we arrived, it was small, I mean tiny. Not intimate but, cluttered and bright! Once we were seated we waited, and waited, then waited some more before our order was taken.  We were offered water and asked by our waiter if we wanted any drinks. We got those pretty fast. Kim ordered a Half & Half, a mixture of Iced Tea and Lemonade I ordered… more water.

Smelling the food and watching all of the orders for the tables around us made our mouths water. We were extremely excited and couldn’t wait as our stomachs growled (you already know Kim is eating for two now.) Our waiter finally took our order. I requested the Stone Ground grits with Gulf Shrimp, White Wine, & Shiitake mushrooms, macaroni & cheese and grilled asparagus (I was hungry!). Kimmy decided to get Stone ground grits with Fried Shrimp. We tried to be patient but after 45 min., I began to peer into the kitchen to figure out what was up with our order. We begin to grow extremely impatient. We asked our waiter and he said it’s a busy night… Frankly, I think they need more cooks and Kimmy gladly offered my services for a free meal.

Shrimp with Grits

After an hour and fifteen minute wait, our food finally came! It was definitely worth it. The grits were so creamy, the sauce was extremely light and flavorful for a sauce with a heavy cream base, and the shrimp were cooked perfectly! It was so delicious and definitely not as rich as the Shrimp and Grits dish at Blue Smoke. I could eat this everyday, all day.

Fried Shrimp w/ Creamy Grits

The dessert was TDF!!! (To Die For!)

Would I suggest that you visit this restaurant if you’re ever in Brooklyn? Yes! Just be prepared for a long wait. The food is definitely cooked with love and the prices are reasonable. Maybe that’s why it took so long.  They’re open for lunch, dinner, and brunch (Saturday & Sunday).

Peaches HotHouse

415 Tompkins Avenue (corner of Hancock)

ph. (718) 483-9111    fx. (866) 781-6228

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